05/22/13 09:16AM
Been meaning to clean out their Tumblr, I'll poke around see if there's anything that wasn't cross posted then add it in.
05/23/13 04:58AM
I'm all out of ohparapraxia.
05/23/13 05:53AM
Updated for the day.

Thanks for the hard work as usual
05/24/13 02:05AM
light-brights is mostly done with the exception of these images:


Both these images are meant to be combined into an animated comic, however I haven't got the hang of stitching animated comics. Anyone want to have a go with these pair of images?
05/27/13 01:00AM
littlebirdkisses is done!

EDIT: finished dumping kanotynes
05/27/13 04:34AM
Updated for the day.
05/29/13 11:09PM
All set on hotyams.

EDIT: And then a much smaller res0nare dump.

EDIT: Quick bellavee dump.

EDIT: Jaqhnun's done.

EDIT: Aaaaand skull-sama too.

EDIT: Also eeloi.

EDIT: And then gaulllimaufry. Oh man. Dat dump.
06/02/13 09:48PM
It is the day of secrets: I dumped both secretsonya and secretboba.

I was debating whether to even mention this or just let it pass by... secretly

EDIT: Small momatoes dump.

EDIT: Then an EXTREMELY worthy hangotango dump. A few pictures were already here under "chevbot" or "chevbot-art", but according to her introduction -- "I'm Hang, and Chevbot is a nickname of mine uwu" -- it seems like "hangotango" is her primary title. Anyway go look at her art, jegus fuck.
06/03/13 09:08PM
Did you check out their tumblr for extra art? Manlysporkle had a ton of stuff that I guess wasn't on their DA so I'm kinda hesitant to put things on the list if just DA is empties out (I suppose it works both ways too and we'll all have to be mindful of that but DA's tend to get overlooked and abandoned for Tumblr more than the other way around)

Edit: Looks like that's all not applicable to Hango and we are indeed up to date with them so added in. Just something to be mindful for both sources if another website is linked readily.
06/05/13 06:31AM
8-xenon-8 is done.
06/05/13 05:53PM
Dumped timaeus-testified. More to follow.
06/06/13 04:53AM
Updated for the day, thank you.
06/06/13 04:23PM
Kattors is cleaned out. A damn good dump.

EDIT: Mezbee, too.

EDIT: Also yomimo.

EDIT: Lil' erdgeist dump.

EDIT: Out of mauvetinne.
06/06/13 07:35PM
Okaaay okaaay

dumped dojinksi (dojo)

baby's first dump
06/10/13 06:43PM
kiki-kit is done.

EDIT:venidel is done.

EDIT: sochzee is done.
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