2017-01-18 13:57:47
>> #54688
And that's pretty much done...I guess. Tell me if I missed some sources.
2017-01-18 13:11:07
>> #54687
Needs more upvotes...
Date Nov 5, 2012User syncRating SafeScore 1(vote up/down)
2017-01-18 13:06:12
>> #54686
Me everytime I'm drawing.
Date Jan 26, 2013User SirenDucksRating SafeScore 1(vote up/down)
2017-01-18 10:07:01
>> #54685
Replaced tricotee sources for fifteen minutes straight.
Date Jan 15, 2017User saignerRating SafeScore 7(vote up/down)
2017-01-18 04:57:39
>> #54684
Xamag draws cute as usual.
2017-01-17 19:26:58
>> #54683
That last comic was colored in somewhere, I don't really remember
2013-01-12 07:39:53
>> #8948
Ms. Paint gets all the booty.
Date Nov 5, 2012User syncRating SafeScore 3(vote up/down)
2017-01-17 18:38:33
>> #54682
And here's another picture that's no solo...
2016-03-29 14:51:31
>> #53169
I've written this very scene;
'I do, nya~!' Spades turned his back to where the sound came from. 'Agh!' And all of a sudden, he was facing the thief of the key. It was... himself. But a weirdly twisted version of him, with a bright blue colored-jacket and a creepy smile on his face. 'Who are you?' Spades asked. 'I'm you, if you didn't notice, nya~!' the stranger smiled. 'You can't be me.' Spades said. 'There's no way that you're me.' The stranger jumped off the table and stood now right before him. 'Bet that I can beat you, nya~!' And he pulled of a sword. Spades did too. (The swords were the exact same except the fact that the stranger's sword was pink)

Spades started attacking the stranger with his sword downwards since he knew most victims are weak in such an attack. But the stranger was gone in a flash of light and pointed Spades with the tip of his sword in his back, pinned him down, all while laughing, and constantly saying things like: 'Haha... You're me, I'm you, nya~! I know what you'll do, nya~!'

It was just at this point that Karkat rushed into his caretaker's room because he was wondering what was going on and broke the lock out of pure rage and worry. 'What-' Karkat began speaking but Spades interrupted him by saying: 'DON'T ASK!' Karkat looked for a second to him, then said: 'Never mind' and walked away.

After this happened, the stranger was gone. 'I'm starting to hallucinate.' Spades complained.
2017-01-17 18:36:00
>> #54681
(so Aradia's text color was Crowbar's color, etc)
2017-01-17 18:15:27
>> #54678
Funfact: in my translation of 'The Inaugural Death of Number Seven', the colors I used for their text were the same colors I used for the ones in 'Summerteen Romance' for these trolls. I even lampshaded it at some point at the translation of 'The Inaugural Death of Number Seven' (De Inaugurele Dood van Meneer Zeven) by noting: 'P.S: This is the Aradia color'.
Date Nov 27, 2012User PieRating SafeScore 1(vote up/down)
2017-01-17 18:32:15
>> #54680
I noticed the vast majority of felt images fits right in pool 107
Date Jan 4, 2013User TropyliumRating SafeScore 3(vote up/down)
2017-01-17 18:24:44
>> #54679
What are we going to call this?

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