Date Mar 16, 2017User Edfan32Rating SafeScore 3(vote up/down)
2017-03-21 15:18:15
>> #54895
Cool series of animated symbols.
Date Feb 6, 2013User nobooksRating SafeScore 1(vote up/down)
2017-03-21 07:31:45
>> #54894
Calm down, it's the ship name. John wields a hammer, Karkat wields a sickle.
2017-03-21 03:44:27
>> #54893
I just wanna know
2017-03-20 10:52:50
>> #54892
Welp...that's no solo.
2013-11-10 03:22:06
>> #36478
Can't not see Dave Bieber and that makes me sad :c
2013-11-09 23:40:23
>> #36474
And also this.
Date Dec 30, 2016User Court.DoctorRating ExplicitScore 0(vote up/down)
Tags: deleteme
2017-03-19 16:40:45
>> #54891
Isn't this deleted yet?
Date Jan 10, 2017User MisterSolitaireRating SafeScore -4(vote up/down)
Tags: 300 a_nightmare_on_elm_street aaahh!!!_real_monsters abraham_lincoln ace_attorney adult_swim advance_wars adventure_island adventure_time akira aladdin alan_wake alex_kidd alf alice:_madness_returns alien alien_hominid alien_swarm all_dogs_go_to_heaven alone_in_the_dark altered_beast american_dad american_dragon_jake_long angry_birds angry_video_game_nerd animal_crossing animal_farm animaniacs ape_escape aqua_teen_hunger_force arkanoid art_academy arthur assassin's_creed asteroids astro_boy asura's_wrath atomic_betty attack_on_titan avatar_the_last_airbender azurik back_to_the_future balloon_fight banjo-kazooie barack_obama barnyard batman battletoads bayonetta beauty_and_the_beast beavis_and_butthead bee_movie beetlejuice ben_10 berserk beta_kids beyond_good_and_evil big_brain_academy big_hero_6 billy_hatcher_and_the_giant_egg bioshock black_cat black_widow bleach blinx:_the_time_sweeper bloodborne blue_dragon bobobo-bo_bo-bobo bojack_horseman bomberman bonk_(series) brain_age brave bubble_bobble bully burger_time call_of_duty calvin_and_hobbes camp_lazlo captain_america captain_planet captain_underpants carnevil cars castle_crashers castlevania catdog catscratch cave_story chalkzone chameleon_twist charlotte's_web chibi-robo child_of_light chip_'n_dale:_rescue_rangers chowder chrono_trigger chuchu_rocket! chuck_norris citizen_kane clarence class_of_3000 clayfighter clockwork_knight clu_clu_land comic_jumper congo_bongo conker's_bad_fur_day contra cooking_mama cool_cat_saves_the_kids cory_in_the_house courage_the_cowardly_dog cow_and_chicken crackdown crash_bandicoot crayon_shin-chan crazy_taxi crossover cthulhu_mythos cuphead custom_robo d.gray-man dan_vs danny_phantom darkstalkers dave_strider dc ddr de_blob dead_or_alive dead_rising dead_space deadpool despicable_me destroy_all_humans! deus_ex devil_may_cry dexter's_laboratory diablo dig_dug digimon dishonored disney doctor_strange doctor_who donald_trump donkey_kong doom doraemon double_dragon dr._slump dr_seuss dragon_quest dragonball_z drawn_together drill_dozer duck_hunt duke_nukem dungeons_and_dragons dust:_an_elysian_tail dynasty_warriors earthbound earthworm_jim ed_edd_and_eddy eddsworld el_tigre elite_beat_agents et eternal_darkness ever_oasis eversion evil_con_carne evil_dead excitebike f-zero fable fairly_odd_parents fallout famicom_tantei_club family_guy fantasia far_cry fat_princess fatal_frame feferi_peixes felix_the_cat fez final_fantasy finding_nemo fire_emblem fist_of_the_north_star five_nights_at_freddy's flappy_bird flatworld fluidity food_fight! fossil_fighters foster's_home_for_imaginary_friends frankenstein freedom_planet freedom_wars friday_the_13th fritz_the_cat frogger frozen futurama gagaman92 gainax galaga game_&_watch game_grumps gamzee_makara garfield garzey's_wing geist generator_rex george_washington gex ghostbusters ghosts_'n_goblins gigolo_assassin gintama glover goat_simulator god_eater god_hand god_of_war godzilla goemon golden_axe golden_sun grabbed_by_the_ghoulies grand_theft_auto gravity_falls gravity_rush green_arrow gremlins guardians_of_the_galaxy guitar_hero gumshoe half-life halo hammerman happy_tree_friends harmoknight harry_potter harvest_moon harvester harvey_beaks hatred haunting_ground he-man heavenly_sword heavy_rain hello_kitty hellraiser hercules hey_arnold hi_hi_puffy_amiyumi hillary_clinton hitman_(game) home home_movies homestar_runner hoodwinked hotel_dusk:_room_215 how_the_grinch_stole_christmas how_to_train_your_dragon huge hunted hunter_x_hunter i.m._meen i_am_alive i_am_weasel i_wanna_be_the_guy ice_climber ico ilomilo image_manipulation indiana_jones infamous infinite_undiscovery inside_out inspector_gadget inuyasha invader_zim iron_man izuna:_legend_of_the_unemployed_ninja jade_harley jak_and_daxter james_bond jeff_the_killer jet_force_gemini jet_set_radio john_egbert johnny_bravo jojo's_bizarre_adventure jontron jurassic_park just_cause kakuto_chojin:_back_alley_brutal kameo karnov katamari kid_icarus kids_next_door killer_instinct killzone kim_possible king_kong king_of_the_hill kingdom_hearts kirby klonoa knack knight_rider kubo_and_the_two_strings kung_fu_chaos kung_fu_panda laika lazytown left_4_dead legend_of_korra lego lego_city_undercover leisure_suit_larry lemmings leprechaun lilo_and_stitch little_king's_story little_lulu locoroco lollipop_chainsaw looney_tunes lord_of_the_rings mach_rider madagascar mafia making_fiends manhunt mario markiplier marvel marvel_vs_capcom max_&_the_magic_marker max_payne mcdonalds meet_the_feebles mega_man megamind megas_xlr meme metal_gear_solid metal_slug metroid mighty_magiswords mighty_no._9 minecraft mission:_impossible mitt_romney moana monopoly monster_hunter monster_manor monsters_inc monsters_vs_aliens monty_python moon_(game) mortal_kombat mother mugen mulan mutant_mudds my_life_as_a_teenage_robot my_little_pony naruto nepeta_leijon nights_into_dreams... ninja_gaiden ninjabread_man nintendo nintendo_land nintendogs nisekoi no_more_heroes norm_of_the_north octodad okami one-punch_man one_night_at_flumpty's one_piece ori_and_the_blind_forest overwatch pac-man pandora's_tower panty_and_stocking paperboy parappa_the_rapper parasite_eve paul_blart:_mall_cop peanuts pee-wee's_playhouse peppa_pig peter_pan pewdiepie phineas_and_ferb pikmin pirates_of_the_caribbean pitfall pixar plants_vs_zombies plok pokémon pong popeye portal powerpuff_girls predator prince_of_persia pro_wrestling professor_layton prototype psychonauts punch_out puppeteer pushmo q-bert quake quantum_break quantum_theory rabbids rampage rango ratchet_&_clank rayman red_dead_redemption red_steel regular_show resident_evil rhythm_heaven rick_and_morty ridge_racer ristar robocop robot_chicken robotboy robotron:_2084 rocko's_modern_life rose_lalonde rugrats rwby salad_fingers samba_de_amigo samination samurai_jack sausage_party scooby-doo scott_pilgrim scp_foundation scribblenauts secret_squirrel sesame_street sgt_frog shadow_of_the_colossus shadow_warrior shaman_king shantae shaun_the_sheep sheep_in_the_big_city sheriff shovel_knight shrek silent_hill simcity sin_and_punishment singularity sinistar skullgirls sky_skipper sleeping_beauty sleeping_dogs slenderman snoop_dogg soldier_of_fortune sollux_captor sonic_the_hedgehog soul_calibur south_park space_channel_5 space_fever space_invaders sparkster spider-man splatoon splatterhouse spongebob_squarepants spooky's_house_of_jump_scares sports squid_girl squidbillies star_fox star_ocean star_trek star_vs_the_forces_of_evil star_wars starcraft starhawk startropics state_of_decay steven_universe street_fighter street_sharks streets_of_rage strider super_meat_boy super_milk_chan super_monkey_ball super_smash_bros superjail superman sutte_hakkun syobon_action t.u.f.f._puppy tales_from_the_crypt tales_of_symphonia tamagotchi tangled tapper tarzan tavros_nitram team_fortress_2 tearaway teen_titans teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles tekken tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann terminator tetris tetris_attack the_a-team the_amazing_world_of_gumball the_angry_beavers the_avengers the_binding_of_isaac the_boondocks the_elder_scrolls the_flash the_flintstones the_goonies the_grim_adventures_of_billy_and_mandy the_gunstringer the_hulk the_hunchback_of_notre_dame the_incredibles the_jetsons the_jungle_book the_king_of_fighters the_last_of_us the_last_story the_legend_of_zelda the_lego_movie the_life_and_times_of_juniper_lee the_lion_king the_loud_house the_marvelous_misadventures_of_flapjack the_maw the_muppets the_mysterious_murasame_castle the_nightmare_before_christmas the_nutshack the_order the_prince_of_egypt the_ren_&_stimpy_show the_rocky_and_bullwinkle_show the_room the_secret_saturdays the_simpsons the_smurfs the_wild_thornberrys the_wonderful_101 the_world_ends_with_you thief_(series) this_is_stupid thundercats time_squad tin_star toejam_&_earl toki_tori tolkien tom_and_jerry tomb_raider too_human top_gear touhou toy_story transformers triumph,_the_insult_comic_dog troll_doll tron twisted_metal ty_the_tasmanian_tiger uncharted uncle_grandpa undertale unknown_crossover vexx viewtiful_joe vigilante_8 vinesauce virtua_fighter viva_pinata vocaloid vriska_serket wall-e wallace_and_gromit wally_bear_and_the_no!_gang warioware watch_dogs watchmen wave_race wet what's_in_ned's_head? whatever_happened_to_robot_jones? where's_waldo wicked wii_fit wolfenstein wonder_showzen wonder_woman world_of_warcraft wreck-it_ralph wut wwe xcom xenoblade_chronicles yakuza yandere_simulator yo-kai_watch yooka-laylee yu-gi-oh yu_yu_hakusho yume_kojo:_doki_doki_panic zombies_ate_my_neighbors zootopia
2017-03-19 15:33:37
>> #54890
Should this one be flagged for deletion? It's crazy to think that somebody tagged everything here too as well.
2017-01-14 14:15:49
>> #54661
No idea. It really clogs our screen.
2017-01-13 22:23:07
>> #54660
Why do we continue to admit this kind of images?
2017-01-11 22:40:35
>> #54652
Looks like. Man, people on DeviantArt sure have a lot of spare time on their hands, don't they?
2017-01-10 09:56:35
>> #54644
Such a picture again?
Date Mar 19, 2017User Edfan32Rating SafeScore 2(vote up/down)
2017-03-19 12:23:08
>> #54889
Love that purple blood.
2017-03-19 06:23:39
>> #54888
The mage of doom aspect is also visible. Half of it, where sollux is placed.
2017-03-16 17:52:20
>> #54881
I don't see them...I only see the ones I tagged, and a yin-yang sign
2017-03-15 23:36:45
>> #54880
Possibly in the white silhouette at the bottom there.
2017-03-14 10:20:19
>> #54872
That's Karkat. And where did you say you saw Vriska or Tavros?
2017-03-13 22:03:03
>> #54871
I see Kanaya, Feferi, Noir, Nepeta and Gamzee.
Though I'm not sure if Nepeta is her or Karkat.
Date Nov 4, 2012User syncRating SafeScore 14(vote up/down)
2017-03-18 14:46:22
>> #54887
Woof ~

Bad dog, worst enemy...
2013-03-26 20:25:39
>> #19751
Worthy of the 'epic' tag?
2013-03-26 17:35:33
>> #19723
This is absolutely beautiful
2013-03-24 18:13:23
>> #19404
Bumping this because it's awesome.
2017-03-18 14:23:10
>> #54886
Just to clear up, this got the broken_source tag because the original artist is no more.
2017-03-18 14:11:03
>> #54885
Nesskirby is probably the new account of fefkatstuck (rmoenagisa and madokaneagi) judging by the amount of Feferi/Karkat reblogs in their homestuck tag.

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