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2017-07-14 16:53:52
>> #55259
Reminiscent of the 'I Trust You' scene.
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2017-07-13 23:05:24
>> #55257
I know right? Whoever did it is gonna get a piece of me!
2017-07-13 16:14:13
>> #55248
I don't know WHAT happened, but a lot of comments are gone and two pictures are deleted.
2017-06-29 21:02:06
>> #55231
2017-07-13 23:03:28
>> #55256
Now if anyone tries to delete our posts, then I will get really annoyed! You have been warned!
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2017-07-13 18:30:49
>> #55255
In the thumbnail his eyes were totally red, which m̠͉̯̻̲̾͗̓̈́̌̅ͯa̴̙͔͓̣̮ͮ̉̆ͭd͕̒̎ę͔̱͔͓̭̝͔̾̀̓̀ͮ̽̾ ̰̤̫̱̫͋̑ͮ̏̄̌́m̶ͣ̓ͦ̑̀e̺̠͍̩̣̖̜̐̌̽̈́̽̊̌̕ ͚̼̑͗ė̪͉͕̪͑ͬͬ̀x̸͖̪̤̰̳̻̀̈́ͯp͙̮̪̬̭̖̋͛̓ͥͦ͐͂͟ë̯̤̰̘̺̩́̋̇ͯ͐c̺̠̼͊͑͊ͧt̟ͩ̈̊͂̇ͅ ̘̦̱̝̥̍̇̓ͦ̾ͭ́ͅt̮ͭ͐̓ͭ̏̄͘h̫̬̖̞ͬ̒͒̒ͯ̀ḛ͖̯̯̀̈́ ̸̙̣͓͌w̉̈́̀҉̺͚͙̫̬͙̼o̐̅͏̣ͅr̗̥͈͎̩͓̘ͪͣ̂̾̆s̸̩̞̫͔̹̄̈́t̠̲̳̦̦̗̿̐͗̿̈́̄̚.̵̝̜͉̯̩͆̒͗̐ͪ̽ͅ
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2017-07-13 18:21:21
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Same thing as matryoshka is also tagged as vocaloid, I guess.
2013-05-18 04:45:35
>> #26337
I guess it did have origins as an original character, but I figure the series has heavy basis and tie ins with Vocaloid based on the song and animation.
2013-05-18 04:26:47
>> #26335
Why is this tagged as Vocaloid when it already has a Black Rock Shooter tag?
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2017-07-13 18:15:54
>> #55253
Funfact: A 'Dutch' angle does not have anything to do with the Dutch (or with me), but with the Germans.
2014-04-28 23:51:19
>> #41542
Nailed the expression.
2014-04-27 19:35:26
>> #41492
Bumping this because 38(
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2017-07-13 18:08:29
>> #55252
Yet again I have to note Bladekindeyewear also assigned this classpect to Spy: http://bladekindeyewear.tumblr.c...stuck-classes-and-aspects
2015-12-16 11:38:51
>> #51097
It is a good and main understanding Kyoko has the Mind Aspect. Her technic, Enchantment, basiccally 'steals Mind', creating illusions and using it for herself. Also, Kyoko had the Mind Control ability in the early days, stealing the way the others do, changing it, and using it for her own benefit.
2017-07-13 18:07:11
>> #55251
Heirs naturally gravitate towards their Aspect or unconsciously seek it out. They store huge amounts of Aspect related strength as well. Their challenge is to not get stuck on one thing, to know when to move on and adapt.

An Heir of Life would have an amazing huge store of energy inside them and could be extremely hyperactive, reckless and optimistic. They are almost always running around doing something or some kind of physical activity, this could cause their bodies to be hella strong, healthy and perhaps even muscly. They might use up energy so quickly that even if they gorged themselves on super sugary foods they wouldn’t really get very fat. High metabolism and everything plus sugar makes one pretty strong hyperactive kid. I could see maybe their bodies producing too much insulin from all the food and sugar they consume and all the physical activity they do so they might be able to go go go and then crash and burn when their blood sugar drops.

They might also be surrounded by more animals, pets and strays than a Disney princess. They always either follow them around or they try to adopt every single one they can see. They are completely unrestricted in almost every way, having no rules, no limits and no boundaries of any kind. They are openly dominating, reckless, full of optimism in everything they do. They are also extremely effective at what they do and have no problem rejecting anything that they think isn’t valid or not useful to them. They have no problems sacrificing others and breaking rules in order to open up more options for themselves and make themselves even less restricted by everything. They probably grew like a weed as a kid and might be kinda large and physically imposing, either tall, muscly or maybe even just fat.

They might have their reckless dominating nature used against them though and are often blamed for breaking things or doing something wrong even if it’s not their fault because they are seen and pretty much are the ultimate rule breaker. They literally do whatever they want without any kind of thought for rules or consequences, even social conventions on what people think is okay, like personal boundaries or just doing weird shit in general. The thought that they can’t or shouldn’t or won’t be able to just never occurs to them.

((Again) Courtesy of )
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2017-07-13 18:05:43
>> #55250
[quote] This is (again) a test quote. [quote]
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2017-07-13 18:03:58
>> #55249
(Commenting this again)

So, a cat can jump 5/6 times his/her own height if he or she is healthy. I can see this.

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