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January 2015 Hiatus Thread: HAPPY APRIL 4TH 2009!
So to summarize the timeline Retcon John's creating for the new year:

LAST EDITED 1/19/15:

*Terezi's relationship problems starting with Karkat, especially with Gamzee, and the related regaining-her-sight are erased out of time now.
*Terezi doesn't take her glasses off when she's investigating Tavros' corpse, meaning Gamzee never steals them and uses them to freak Karkat out. Gamzee instead accomplishes this through all his other tricks.
*Retcon John rats out Gamzee, letting Terezi capture and subdue him early and preventing the [S] 5x Showdown. This also may have prevented Terezi from scratching the disc, which may or may not mean anything.
*Retcon John prevents Terezi from killing Vriska, simultaneously preventing her death and the guilt Terezi would later have about it.
*John and LOWAS exploded under mysterious circumstances during the three-year Battleship trip, likely to facilitate Retcon John and HIS LOWAS entering the new timeline.
*Aranea never gets the Ring of Life, preventing the entirety of [S] Game Over.
*The new timeline's Roxy and Jake stayed in prison.
*Rose seems notably sober when she arrives at the Alpha session in this timeline, meaning she may have never started up her drunken benders during the meteor trip.
*Vriska is alive for the meteor trip, and ultimately gets the meteor crew riled up into a resistance force against CrockerCorp when they arrive at the new session. This culminates in a battle at the Derse prison to free Roxy and Jake.
*Roxy dies saving Rose from Jane during the assault on the Derse prison.
*Jade and Jane are put to sleep by Vriska when she arrives in the session, and while they're KO'd Jade de-grimbarks and the two of them have a heart-to-heart with Calliope.
01/03/15 03:25AM
And there it is. That's the item name. Scarf of Stupidity.
01/05/15 06:10AM
God damn it John
01/05/15 06:44AM
John is the best
01/05/15 09:33AM
Busted, perhaps?
blues_clues continues to be an appropriate ship name. :P
01/06/15 04:25AM
Oooh, das useful. Thanks, EJ!
01/06/15 08:28PM
Somebody on tumblr actually brought up an important note about these retcon shenanigans. When John placed the dragonplush witness, it interrupted Terezi at a point just before she was to remove her glasses. Gamzee had stolen them immediately after and used it to scare Karkat into thinking he'd gotten to her on his murderous rampage.
He ordered Equius to go after Gamzee, which resulted in both his and Nepeta's untimely demise. Shortly after, Sollux woke up and confirmed that Terezi was actually okay and up in the computer lab, just before Kanaya then clocked HER out to sample her blood.
01/06/15 08:41PM
Ooooh, that's interesting. I wonder how the Equius/Gamzee fight went down in the new timeline, considering it seems to have ended the same way.

Speaking of which, Nepeta's death might be pretty much canonized forever now but it's helping move forward another cool female character's development so I'm chill with it.
01/07/15 07:10AM
John will singlehandedly prevent every stupid decision in Homestuck. He's the hero MSPA needs.
01/07/15 07:51AM
01/07/15 11:35AM
LonelyCoast said:

oh god i can't
01/08/15 04:29PM
Fuck you John.
01/09/15 06:40AM
This is the true terrible future John must prevent.
01/09/15 03:00PM
You mean that Meenah's pedo tendencies surface?

Yeah, that should be stopped.
01/11/15 07:28AM
I don't think 2 sweeps difference changes too much for highbloods.

But Hussie's Self Insert would still agree that John is doing a GOD's work.
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