02/03/15 08:04PM
Isn't there some way to halt all these downvotes?
25 pages of Iron Maiden have been downvoted by you know who. Isn't there some way to permanently put a stop to this?
02/03/15 08:18PM
I've been doing my best upvoting the entire tag to spite them, but unless admins have the capacity to reset a picture's score back to zero or turn off anonymous voting, we're pretty much stuck listening to them prattle on and on about how much better they are than us for spending their whole day not liking a ship on the internet.
02/04/15 12:29AM
Yeah, anonymous up/down voting can be turned off or on by the admin. Same with anonymous comments, but those are easier to get rid of.
02/04/15 02:24AM
Spent about two hours deleting that spam. God, that gave me a headache.
02/04/15 01:38PM
I would hate to turn off anonymous voting/commenting as a permanent measure since I quite like most of our anons, but as a temporary "go the fuck away" every once in a while when that guy shows up, it could be useful...
02/05/15 09:13PM
I'll fix them. I can only fix them temporarily every so often, but perhaps that's enough.
02/05/15 09:46PM
I guess someone fixed them up a bunch previous but I'll fix the ones that really have their counts in the red, and the ones that are still a bit in there.
02/07/15 02:48AM
Now they're spamming rape on every equiara pic. I think it's time to disable anonymous comments.
02/07/15 06:35AM
Since he'd probably just make new accounts to spam, is there a way to just stop certain pictures from being commented on? Lock down the iron maiden tag for a while until he forgets about it and moves on?

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