08/11/15 04:37AM
Omegapause 2015-2016 Thread: Welcome to Pair-of-Docks Space
Opening this mostly in the event something happens while the comic is on hiatus again. Comments tend to be fewer and further in-between on hiatus months, so I'm not labeling this one with a specific month.
08/14/15 04:41AM
I'm okay with this. I've also noticed that submissions seem to be slowing down. Might have to do a content push here, or at least get more artists aware of us still being here so they can submit their own.
08/16/15 10:43PM
Still waiting on some Gamzee/Clownpiece art.
12/22/15 07:39AM
I'm seeing plenty of dumps happening lately! EdFan32 is doing some great work and I wanted to give a shout out.
12/26/15 08:11AM
Young Nanna and Grandpa in Hiveswap art, huh? Well, I suppose we knew Jude's last name was Harley for a while, didn't we? Still, I suppose that strengthens the idea that there's some Joey/Nanna connection as well. Woohoo for news!
12/26/15 06:26PM
Well, it certainly explains a lot. I'm not terribly pleased about the engine overhaul, but I guess they didn't want to talk about that with nothing to show. Still, it looks like they were able to use a lot of the 3d model assets to generate the 2.5d sprites, so that's a plus.
12/27/15 08:34PM
Yeah, I mean, 3d would've been nice, but it sounds like it sort of wasn't working out? I guess ya gotta change things when you gotta change things.
03/23/16 03:54PM
The end date being 4/13 has been confirmed by the Huss. Three weeks and Homestuck will be over...
03/29/16 08:12AM
Mother of god. *takes off sunglasses*
03/29/16 02:31PM
We're living in the end times.

Gog have mercy on us.
03/30/16 02:12PM
Man, I forgot how much I enjoy John and Rose having their banter.
03/30/16 11:58PM
Huh, I expected the big Dave/Jade kiss in a somewhat different way, but oh well.

Still kinda fitting to the rest of Homestuck as to what happened next though.

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