11/18/15 02:34PM
Search Overloaded?
Okay, so I log on today, and casually I scroll through the posts, and find the pet shaming posts. I chuckle because they're funny, and hit the tag to try and search for more and the search is overloaded? It was like this yesterday too, is there any way to fix it?
11/18/15 05:08PM
Hehe, guess I revived the pet shaming tag :33
But I've also got the searching problem because I like the dark tags like grimdark, crocker corruption, mind control and chucklevoodoo's >< Sometimes editing gets a serverthing 500 too.
11/18/15 07:44PM
I've tried multiple tags and all of them say they are overloaded, when I click on them, and when I type them.
11/18/15 08:22PM
Yeah those are the problems I've been having.
11/18/15 11:53PM
Yeah, same thing is happening whenever I try to add a new tag or change the rating. Anybody know how to fix this, or do we just have to wait it out?
11/19/15 03:07AM
It was like this for me yesterday too. The other boorus don't seem to have this problem, but there seems to be some sort of disconnect between this site and the Booru Project homepage (it says we only 4145 images after all).
11/19/15 02:00PM
Day 3 of an overloaded search. Let's hope it can get fixed somehow.
11/20/15 06:38PM
We all want to get rid of this, I'm wanting that mainly because I really want to look up the mind control tag right now
11/20/15 09:34PM
Day 4 I think, I wish this would be fixed already.
11/20/15 09:41PM
Same.. :( I need my tag searches
11/21/15 09:14AM
No, it's day 6
11/21/15 06:41PM
I think the admins should get involved at this point, if this isn't just for our connections. Who are the admins again? LonelyCoast I know, but aren't there others?
11/22/15 09:13AM
it really is starting to become a bother. I've tried looking up how to fix it, but I can't find anything.
11/22/15 11:48AM
This is the way the booru ends. Not with a bang, but a broken search function.
11/22/15 05:40PM
Yeah... Time to call the founder
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