12/01/15 08:41AM
I'm hoping it fixes soon because I'm currently doing a profile revamp on one RP site where I have about 20 or so of the characters, and while I saved a lot of images and have access to tumblr and deviant art; its just not /as much/. Everyone uses boorus for their own thing, but damn it I was hoping to have the profile redos done after the holidays!
12/02/15 01:17AM
also anyone else getting the HTTP 500 error page when saving edited tags?
12/02/15 06:03AM
I have the same problem
12/02/15 06:28AM
I get that too. it still saves most times though.
12/04/15 05:50AM
The fact I can't look through even my own posts straight from the My Account option is bugging me a lot, too...
12/04/15 01:01PM
It's December and there still hasn't been any progress. I really think we move this booru to another and just have this as an archive :/
12/04/15 04:11PM
Aww... that's a bad idea.
12/04/15 04:15PM
Having any kind of booru switch would be a massive undertaking as I understand, so it's probably best to avoid that.
Besides, why have an unsearchable 'archive'?
12/04/15 05:49PM
Who is the founder of booru's?
12/04/15 08:47PM
I think sync aka pie is the founder of this booru, but they have been inactive for about a year. someone can try and contact the most helpful thing I have been able to find is through these forum posts:;forum=2&topic=628
But they way they are talking about it seems like they is nothing we can do.
12/05/15 10:24AM
Because search is down, both HS, PXS and MLP having hiatus, I'm so bored I'm making stuff like this:
12/06/15 05:07AM
Wait wut, nobody is moving servers or anything. It was only a extreme minor issue with one of our services, fixed it in 5 sec, and that includes the time of me logging on the server.

12/06/15 08:56AM
thank you very much.
12/06/15 11:18PM
Yay! Back in business!
12/11/15 09:17PM
YAY thank you
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