11/21/16 04:21PM
Racist images
I'm gonna assume that the vast majority of you are not keen on the inflow of racist images and I'm gonna skip the part where I ask you not to contribute to that, because I think most of you (barring the people who already are) wouldn't anyway. I just wanted to confirm that you guys support getting rid of (deleting) the ones already here, since it's not explicitly in the rules that I know of.
11/21/16 08:35PM
I'm agree with delete ONLY the racist images and veto those people permanently. But anyway, the image 165051 don't have anything racist itself, so I think can stay. 165050 and 165055... get out here.
11/22/16 08:11AM
Not having people of color in the image doesn't make it not racist. It's a little more complex than that.
11/22/16 12:51PM
How? I can understand why some people think having white characters in Homestuck is racist but I just see a parody of how many people think Trump supporters look. If they were saying or doing something else I could understand. But no, they're just standing righ there with their hats of Make America Great Again. If we delete this by a few people with sensitivity to skin flower we would have to eliminate all other images with the least political or religious context.
11/22/16 05:57PM
The images are all of a single context, the same style, the same kind of divisive message. Do you see how Mituna, Meulin, and Horuss contribute to the racism in *55? They're there to set up juxtaposition. Their features are normal (ie unchanged from the comic's style) their clothes (aside from Horuss') simple and free from racial or political markings. The image draws a clear divide between the "normal"/good people, who are white Trump supporters, and the "different", who are either all exaggeratedly of a different race or espouse extreme political violence in offensive caricature of real world people and ideas.
The kids in *51 carry the same role. As the central protagonists of the comic and players of the bifurcated session that "won" the game in-comic, they are claimed through their whiteness, unmarked clothing and their Trump hats for the "normal"/good side. The two images belong together and together reinforce the same division of "us" vs "them". Racism is more than just the obvious cartoonish racial markers and some people being white. It's about alienation. Yes, I chose that word deliberately.

Given the vote storming going on in the images, I'm going to say it has gone on long enough and just get rid of them.
11/22/16 08:56PM
Also just going to say this in case you weren't aware NepetaFan, Trump based his whole campaign on racism and hatred of minorities. His campaign might not affect you IF (I can't possibly stress the if part enough) you are white and cis. He's bringing in white supremacists and there is a good majority of America that's legitimately terrified
11/22/16 11:03PM
@Snuffleheim. My comment ("get out here") was apparently misunderstood. I was trying to say that the images should be get out the booru, not the person who say are racist. But I know 165050 and 165055 are racist. I don't live under a rock.

On the other side. You are overthinking the image of the kids. Betas don't win their game either. They lost all hopes to success. The only session won was the Alpha. Mituna, Meulin, Aranea and Horuss don't win nothing either but they are white negative stereotypes anyway. I don't even see any reason of why Meenah is asian when she is practically accepted like black in the fandom. All the races election look totally random. Like a rotten and offensive version of the inclusive headcanons.

But you already deleted the image. The image with no stereotypes, an image that only shows Kids like perfectly normal persons with political opinions. Without waiting for the response of other users. What a great job!

@ap0calypseWithch. Sorry, I think you are trying to say that all Clinton campaign was based on defaming Trump. Making him look like a racist, homophobic, transphobic and ableist. Like the infamous discourse in which he says "Mexico only send rapist and drug dealers" but was he really says was:

"The Mexican Government wants an open border, as long as it is only one direction: inside the United States. Not only are they 'killing' us on the border, but also in trade ... and with it Mexico is making billions of dollars. I have a great respect for Mexico and the love of its people and the great spirit of its people. The problem is, however, that their leaders are much smarter, clever, and better negotiators than ours. For US citizens, whom I will represent much better than any other person as president, the Mexican government is not our friend ... and why should it be when the relationship is totally unilateral in its favor, both in ILLEGAL immigration and trade?"

My source:

And yes, If you want to know. I'm latino, bisexual and a Trump supporter.
11/23/16 04:23AM
Let's keep this on the topic of the images, guys.

I was aware that you know 50 and 55 were racist. I was merely using 55 to explain the issues in 51, because 51 seems to me to be of the same set as 55. There's the thematic and stylistic similarities, of course, and much more directly, the pasted image of the Trump hat is the same one. The reason they aren't the same image is that they are of separate groups in-comic (beforans vs human players), which in most examples on this board, are grouped together in different images within thematic sets. Therefore it seems fair to group them together. My decision to delete was not based on the fact that there happened to be visible political symbols. It was the context and use of them. The fact that all of the Trump supporters in that are happy, unassuming white people, while everyone else is either exaggeratedly racial or a violent extremist was not good. You can support Trump all you want, I'm not telling you what to believe, politically speaking. I just think there is more going on in those images than you do. And judging by the voting behavior going on in all three images, including 51, so did others. *shrug*
11/24/16 01:56AM
what about 165064? its not overtly racist in itself but it is blatant whitewashing of a previous upload
11/24/16 04:29AM
I'm agree with deleted 165064. But can we talk a about 165065? This time the edit don't have anything offensive or aggressively against any group (And before you ask, yes, Gays for Trump is a real group).
11/24/16 01:54PM
I'd still suggest deletion of those ones too, as the origial creator of the sprite is against these edits of their sprites.
11/24/16 06:52PM
In this case it is more a matter of theft of art but I'm agree. It was fun the first few times but now it's annoying.

Can we block the IP of this person? I'm sure is the same in every account.
11/25/16 01:45AM
Ah, thank you for bringing those to my attention. Got em. I'd like to ban/IP ban, but I don't quite have a handle on the interface. Guess I should contact slayerduck.
11/26/16 02:35AM
This person is editing my art and edits, and I don't care if you don't think it's racist nepetafan, it's being edited and uploaded with no permission of mine. And whenever they are posted on an account that isn't "navrisk" or maybe "saigner" then I want them all deleted. Fuck you Nepetafan. Just because you're latino and bi doesn't mean you can't be a piece of racist shit as well. considering you're a trump supporter.
11/26/16 02:37AM
sooooo, not to get all political about it but. It's all originally my stuff, and it's being stolen and edited by a racist and I want it gone if it gets posted.
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