11/26/16 02:38AM
like, I've gotten all these messages: sent to my tumblr. so fuck you nepetafan for saying it's not an issue of race.
11/27/16 12:58AM
Holy shit. Can you calm down please? And stop calling me a racist. I remind you that he was also making fun of latinos in their post.

I was not aware of any of the insults you received because I don't follow you or any other blog of edits. And I'm not even going to comment on the Trump affair because this is not a forum for talking about politics (or insulting eachothers). I will not comment on this forum again. I blackisted everything and I have no more interest in this drama or talking with someone so immature like you.
11/27/16 03:57AM
and today I received more.. like, rape threats, death threats and extremely disgusting language, sorry if I'm too "immature" for you. I'm mad and pissed and scared. and this person is targeting my art only, not anyone else, just mine.
11/28/16 03:51PM
Do you want to withdraw from the board? As in have your art removed so you can change your tumblr url and it won't tie back to you? I understand either way, it's just all I can really think to offer besides what I'm already doing.
12/22/16 07:40AM
now im getting rape threats and being misgendered, nice nice nice. so yeah, take all of my art down.
12/23/16 09:07PM
You sure? Will get on it asap.
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