09/08/17 12:58AM
==> Hiveswap: Awaken the fans
I feel it's time we set up a place to express our excitement and put up reviews and such. So here it is!
09/10/17 02:14PM
The animation is good :) yes but I don't think I should download it in case it costs money. That and my 'idols' might not be in it
09/20/17 10:17AM
Well, if one Kickstarted it, then one has already paid the associated cost. If one just wants to get it off of Steam now, it is still reasonably priced. And none of the characters of homestuck are 'in it', persay, but several are still directly referenced.
11/27/18 03:47AM
its been a year since anyone's commented on this, and ive only just gotten to jude's part, but the humor is very in line with homestuck and the references to the 90's are killing me

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