05/17/18 01:47AM
Are there even any active mods on this website?
I want my art removed from here and I can't find anyone to help me out. It's been over a week and I've tried the email in the help thread, messaging the uploader, and flagging everything for deletion but I STILL haven't gotten any sort of response. Any help would be appreciated.
05/24/18 08:26AM
I don't think the mods come here anymore, though I think one is still... around, technically. Which art specifically do you want removed? It would make it easier for us to at least know what's which o:
06/23/18 05:52AM
Who even are the mods? LonelyCoast? Are they the only one? Is there any way to contact them?
01/04/19 08:09AM
Well that's nice, isn't it :)

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