12/01/12 06:15PM
How do you stitch an animated gif to a non-animated picture?
Does anyone know how to stitch an animated gif with a non-animated picture to transform multiple images into comics that has animated panels? For example, something like this:post #47984
12/01/12 07:14PM
Oh, wow, um... okay, let me check what stitching that would entail...

Yeah, okay, that comic you linked wouldn't be impossible to stitch together, but it would be on the really really high-end.

So let me tell you how to stitch a regular gif to a non-animated slide. Something like post #55851. The animated slide is on page here is 884x634, with a 100ms (combine) frame. What that means is there are two frames -- a base and a second frame on top of it that will combine with the one below every 100ms.

In order to get the full comic in, I would need to increase the the whole thing the size of the full strip I want to create. However, since there are two frames -- the base and the second animated one -- any of the new panels being added in needs to be placed down on the base frame and the animated one needs to remain where it is.

Things get more complicated when you have more than one animated frame in the comic, for example post #56689. However, this one is still easier than 47984, because the animated frame all match the same speed of each other -- 100ms. So, in this comic you would do what I would describe above, except you would also put all the animated pieces on the second frame.

12/01/12 07:31PM
Now, the comic you want to do is hard, because these are the animated sequence that you're trying to do:

Panel 1: 2000ms (base), 2000ms (combine)
Panel 2: 2000ms (base), 3000ms (combine), 3000ms (combine)

So... so far, this isn't too bad. You just have an awkward sequence here... and two panels that have a different end point (Panel 1 ends at 4000ms, panel 2 ends at 8000ms). Ordinarily this would mean that you would just have to copy-paste the animation from Panel 1 twice so they both end at the same point, and have five frames in order to fit them all in the right sequence, so it would look like:

2000ms (base -- panels(p.) 1 & 2)
2000ms (combine -- p. 1)
1000ms (combine -- p.2 )
1000ms (combine -- p. 1)
2000ms(combine -- p. 1 & 2)

But then you have the third panel:

Panel 3: 3000ms (base), 200ms (combine), 100ms (combine), 0ms (combine), 100ms (combine), 0ms (combine), 100ms (combine), 5000ms (combine)

...and this is where things go shithive maggots. Not only is this panel really out of sequence to the other two, it also has an odd time compared to the other two: 8500ms. This would mean that in order to get all the panels to "fit" (as the artist intended) you would have to increase the time of the frames to the smallest common multiple... which, I believe would be 136,000 ms... and you would have to C+P the panels that many times for each one to make it all fit sequentially and set the times correctly so the animated sequence fits.

TBC... pt. 2!
12/01/12 07:41PM
Now, the easiest solution would be to give up. The harder solution would be to actually go through all that. What ~I~ would do (provided I didn't give up right then and there) would be to fenagle the numbers a bit, maybe something like:

Panel 3: 3000ms (base), 200ms (combine), 100ms (combine), 0ms (combine), 100ms (combine), 0ms (combine), 100ms (combine), 4500ms (combine)

That way it's close to the original (having only removed 500ms (half a second) from the last frame, and has all the panels end and begin at the same point (8000ms). However, the timing is also a little odd, and new frames would need to be added to accommodate them, while removing time from the animated sequence in order to accommodate the new timing while also making sure all the frames get accounted for. All told, your final sequence would look like:

2000ms (base -- for panels(p.) 1 & 2)
1000ms (combine -- p. 3)
200ms (combine -- p. 3)
100ms (combine -- p. 3)
0ms (combine -- p. 3)
100ms (combine -- p. 3)
0ms (combine -- p. 3)
100ms (combine -- p. 3)
500ms (combine -- p. 1)
1000ms (combine -- p. 2)
1000ms (combine -- p 1)
2000ms(combine 1 & 2)

Animating comics is hard! :<
12/02/12 12:53AM
Oh. Well I feel kind of a dummy because I have GIMP 2.6, have barely made any animated gifs myself with this program, and barely know how to work it in the first place.

To give you an idea how much of a newbie I am, I've been stitching comics together using MSPaint and I don't have Photoshop. I was hoping for an easier tutorial for someone like me.

Thank you anyway.
12/02/12 12:59AM
That's the program I use Choco, and that's how I do it. :3

It's all a matter of trial and error.

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