11/08/13 07:56PM
Many thanks to both of you!
04/18/14 11:06AM
Question. You know how if a tumblr source is deleted, the image can still be found in reblogs? Is putting a link to an intact reblog an acceptable way of sourcing something? And if so, should we have a tag for this sort of thing, e.g. indirect_source ?
04/18/14 11:48AM
And if not deleted but private - the also "private_source".
04/18/14 01:20PM
Exactly the right protocol. It's ideal if you can find a reblog that still contains the original commentary by the OP, assuming there was any. We use "inexact_source" for that. (There's also a secondary use of "inexact_source" when the source is, say, just the artist's Tumblr instead of a link to the exact post... But that's better to just fix if you can when you see it.)
04/19/14 03:58AM
I did not know about that. I've pretty much only seen inexact_source used in the secondary way you described. Thanks guys!
11/08/14 08:02PM
Today I could not log in on my regular account and I could not reset the password. Could an admin please reset my password and tell me they did it on my tumblr? Thanks!
11/10/14 08:13PM
Nevermind, I figured out that you always have a spacebar in your name replaced with an underscore.
01/09/15 11:24PM
Image manipulations should really exclusive to panel edits or sprite edits. Coloring over existing fanart doesn't make it a new piece, and it's a bit rude tbh.
10/11/15 09:27PM
Hey, can I have the artwork listed under my name taken down? Much appreciated.
10/25/15 07:14AM
You've been around here a while, honey. Sad to see you pulling your work out, but I respect that.
11/07/15 05:35AM
So um... new to the site, found it while browsing... why no nsfw? I've not gone over the entire forums, but it seems like a change made after the site was made.
11/08/15 10:58PM
I always assumed it was because MS Paint Adventures itself never featured any out-and-about nudity or sex, aside from the odd hunk rump or horse dildo.
11/11/15 04:27AM
tfamonk said:
So um... new to the site, found it while browsing... why no nsfw? I've not gone over the entire forums, but it seems like a change made after the site was made.

Actually no, nsfw materials were to have a different booru. Here hasn't hosted nsfw images at least since well before we migrated here from skaianet.

I really shouldn't link to them here either, but a quick google search will bring up two really obvious ones; though only one still has uploaders. The other (with NSFW in its title) hasn't had a post since February of last year.
04/21/17 01:33PM
I'm new. Say you accidentally forgot to add a tag, uploaded something by mistake e.g: a duplicate pic, made a typo in a tag or put in the wrong source, do you guys fix that or something?

I completely respect the rules here and I'm trying my best not to break them :)
04/29/17 02:54PM
I usually see it directly. Plus, you can also check if a tag exists by right-clicking the logo, 'open in new tab' and typing it in the search bar. If there's nothing, it's nonexistent.
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