12/18/12 04:31PM
Post your "my tags" list here!
I love using "my tags", so I ended up packing a bunch. It's good for going on random-post crawls to find images in need of tagging.

alcohol artificial_limb aspect_symbol bard battlefield black_squiddle_dress blood blush book carrying chainsaw computer dead_aradia dream_ghost empiricist's_wand food grayscale half_ghost headshot heir highlight_color holding_hands honk kiss knight limited_palette mage maid monochrome music_note page poirot_mustache prince profile psidon's_trident rogue seeing_terezi seer sleeping smoking sylph thief wheelchair witch wonk word_balloon zodiac_symbol

Anyone else use "my tags" a lot? Post your list here. Could be a useful way to drum up attention for some overlooked tags, no?
12/18/12 07:23PM
I only keep a few on hand:

dancestors pixel maid page mage knight rogue sylph seer thief heir bard prince witch waste muse lord

Mostly since I'm going through the 115 or so pages of untagged godtier images.
12/18/12 08:28PM
I keep adding to the list, and they get changed before and after artist dumps, but currently they are:

solo dave_strider john_egbert rose_lalonde jade_harley karkat_vantas tavros_nitram aradia_megido sollux_captor nepeta_leijon terezi_pyrope kanaya_maryam vriska_serket equius_zahhak gamzee_makara eridan_ampora feferi_peixes dirk_strider roxy_lalonde jake_english jane_crocker caliborn calliope godtier heir knight witch seer shipping redrom blackrom palerom ashenrom hug kiss blush holding_hands heart crying communism dirkuu hammertime problem_sleuth_(adventure) dancestors felt broken_source source_needed inexact_source monochrome headshot profile 3_in_the_morning_dress dream_ghost penkoon itchy felt solo lineart grayscale limited_palette hamletnoir applebees ipoog caitlin pool:26 pool:42 artist:
12/25/12 01:39AM
I just found out what "My Tags" did today. This would've made tagging things as "cat_hat" easier.
12/25/12 04:10PM
A thing I did:

source_needed broken_source private_source inexact_source actual_source_needed -----------------------------------------------------------WEAPONS----------------------------------------------------------- empiricists_wand ahabs_crosshairs fluorite_octet pop-a-matic_vrillyhoo_hammer warhammer_of_zillyhoo thorns_of_oglogoth -----------------------------------------------------------OUTFITS----------------------------------------------------------- black_squiddle_dress dress_of_eclectica 3_in_the_morning_dress dead_shuffle_dress four_aces_suited puppet_tux red_plush_puppet_tux legislacerator_suit
12/25/12 04:41PM
Clever idea.
12/26/12 09:27AM
As of 26/12
source_needed broken_source image_manipulation non_canon_design palerom ashenrom blackrom redrom 3_in_the_morning_dress dress_of_eclectica knight seer heir witch maid thief limited_palette lineart black_squiddle_dress
02/02/13 09:46AM
My current list:

source_needed broken_source deleted_source inexact_source actual_source_needed artificial_limb legislacerator_suit black_squiddle_dress starter_outfit red_baseball_tee BETA_KIDS john_egbert rose_lalonde dave_strider jade_harley ALTERNIANS aradia_megido tavros_nitram sollux_captor karkat_vantas nepeta_leijon kanaya_maryam terezi_pyrope vriska_serket equius_zahhak gamzee_makara eridan_ampora feferi_peixes ALPHA_KIDS jane_crocker jake_english roxy_lalonde dirk_strider pool:71 (at_night) pool:44 (domesticity) pool:26 (frecklestuck) pool:41 (lady_suit) pool:13 (dancing) pool:63 (shoes)

I just thought I'd share my GROUPCAPS method, in case anyone found it useful.

Haven't used most of the pool tags as much as I thought I would at the time.
02/02/13 03:07PM
I didn't know there were pool tags, that's pretty handy!
04/11/13 01:25AM
Posting this here, just in case I lose my tags again in the event of switching to a new computer or something.

artist: pool: solo ask request huge crossover pastiche rule63 comic animated epilepsy_warning epic diabetes panel_redraw sprite_mode image_manipulation pixel lineart grayscale sepia monochrome limited_palette highlight_color pencil sketch art_dump character_sheet silhouette profile headshot eyeshot word_balloon humanized trollified hug kiss blush heart freckles crying sleeping licking holding_hands carrying blood nosebleed decapitation impalement eyesquick gore artificial_limb body_modification drug_use smoking alcohol cocktail_glass fashion casual formal clothingswap glassesswap alternate_hair aspect_hoodie kid_symbol zodiac_symbol aspect_symbol babies grubs dream_ghost dreamself sprite trickster_mode Crocker_corruption grimbark godtier dogtier heir seer knight witch maid prince rogue page thief sylph bard codtier lord john_egbert rose_lalonde dave_strider jade_harley jane_crocker dirk_strider roxy_lalonde jake_english aradia_megido tavros_nitram sollux_captor karkat_vantas nepeta_leijon kanaya_maryam terezi_pyrope vriska_serket equius_zahhak gamzee_makara eridan_ampora feferi_peixes aranea_serket meenah_peixes caliborn calliope callie_ohpeee lord_english her_imperious_condescension doc_scratch lil_cal lil_sebastian Lil_hal dad mom bro becquerel casey consorts crocodiles iguanas turtles salamanders jack_noir bec_noir spades_slick archagent draconian_dignitary diamonds_droog clubs_deuce hearts_boxcars ms_paint wayward_vagabond peregrine_mendicant prospitian_monarch aimless_renegade davesprite injured_davesprite beta_kids alpha_kids all_kids alternians beforans ancestors dancestors exiles felt midnight_crew shipping redrom adorabloodthirsty spacetime grimdorks rosemary breathalyzer pumpkin_patch paint_it_black no_hat hat no_glasses glasses_added starter_outfit red_baseball_tee suit 3_in_the_morning_dress dress_of_eclectica squiddlejacket red_plush_puppet_tux four_aces_suited velvet_squiddleknit black_squiddle_dress dragon_cape legislacerator_suit casual_heiress_ensemble tiaratop Skull_Suit skulltop foxy_kittyknit_dress strong_tanktop strong_outfit cairo_overcoat warhammer_of_zillyhoo pop-a-matic_vrillyhoo_hammer thorns_of_oglogoth Royal_Deringer caledfwlch Katana unbreakable_katana Hunting_Rifle Laser_Gun crocker_rifle homes_smell_ya_later action_claws chainsaw dragonhead_cane fluorite_octet Deuce_Clubs Ahab's_Crosshairs Empiricist's_Wand Psidon's_Trident junior_battermaster's_bowlbuster_stirring_solution_50000 crocker_war_fork Twin_M9_Berettas golden_guns frogs cats crows apple_juice beverage food cake chalk smuppets scalemates land_of_frost_and_frogs land_of_heat_and_clockwork land_of_light_and_rain land_of_wind_and_shade land_of_crypts_and_helium land_of_mounds_and_xenon land_of_pyramids_and_neon land_of_tombs_and_krypton summer winter holidaystuck pokémon nintendo arm_around_shoulder back_to_back arms_crossed arm_in_arm head_out_of_frame kneeling the_finger fistbump back_angle high_angle the_windy_thing thank_you happy_birthday_message

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