12/28/12 04:59AM
Kickstarter Swag. What did You get?
This is a thread for those who've gotten their Kickstarter gifts, and to discuss it and the anything relating to the Homestuck game.

I'll start by saying that I received my Snout Pak earlier today. Along with the contents stated in the Kickstarter, I also received Pyralspite, and the two random shipping patches. So my "official otp" from Hussie is...Roxy Caliborn.
12/28/12 07:18AM
Got a Seerpak that came in about 2 weeks ago. Ended up getting a Prospit T-shirt, as well as those fancy little pins. I got Aries and Saggitarius as my OTP patches.
12/28/12 07:44AM
a soundtrack and hopefully an instruction book to smell
12/28/12 08:14AM
I got my funpack about a week ago. Poster, my stickers, sburb tote, pins and a keychain, some other stuff, and a Rage T-shirt because purple and it goes well with my Breath hoodie.

Color wise of course.
12/31/12 07:38AM
Mine still hasn't arrived yet.
12/31/12 09:06AM
Last week, I got my colouring book, keychain and-

oh, the homestuck kickstarter.
01/01/13 03:37AM
I only could afford the physical boxed game.
01/02/13 03:12AM
It's now 2013 and I'm still waiting on both a slickpak and a seerpak. *sad*

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