03/14/13 04:09AM
Character Survey: New Booru Version
Okay back on Skaia Pie did a little survey (for science) and asked about people's favourites.

This is a good way for the community to bond over things and get to know each other too (and also people generally like talking about their favourites). If little mini discussions emerge here and there that's cool because we get discussions.


Favourite Beta Kid
Favourite Male Troll
Favourite Female Troll
Favourite Alpha Kid
Favourite Cherub
Favourite Beforan
Favourite Guardian
Favourite MC Member
Favourite Exile
Favourite Felt
(optionally) Favourite 'Other'

Have fun.
03/14/13 04:24AM
Seems like a good idea! Here are all my favorites:

Beta Kid: The most wonderful Jade Harley <3
Male Troll: Karkat
Female Troll: Vriska
Alpha Kid: Roxy <3
Cherub: I don't really have one sorry
Beforan: Don't have one of these either
Guardian: Mom
MC Member: Spades Slick
Exile: PM
Felt: Also don't have one

Also a question, could we do OTPs/brOTPs and the like or should favorite shipping maybe go in a separate thread?
03/14/13 04:36AM
I think, seeing as some people don't like shipping and would probably like a place of just character discussion and favs, it should probably get a separate thread yeah.

I'll make one right now.
03/14/13 05:00AM
Guess I'll also post my favourites here, for the perusal of other members and also to encourage people to post their favs. For science.

Favourite Beta Kid: This is the one category I cannot choose from. John, Rose and Dave are all characters I love too deeply to pick.
Favourite Male Troll: Tavros has an endearing speech mannerisms, with only Eridan's speech quirks being more endearing. Tavros just has a generally endearing personality and is hilarious.
Favourite Female Troll: Terezi
Favourite Alpha Kid: Dirk
Favourite Cherub: Caliborn
Favourite Beforan: Meenah
Favourite Guardian: Dad
Favourite MC Member: Spades Slick
Favourite Exile: WV
Favourite Felt: Itchy

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03/14/13 05:06AM
Favorite Beta: John
Favorite Male Troll: Tavros
Favorite Female Troll: Aradia
Favorite Alpha Kid: Dirk
Favorite Cherub: the dad who made mpreg canon
Favorite Beforan: Meenah (and Rufioh)
Favorite Guardian: Dad
Favorite MC Member: Diamonds Droog
Favorite Exile: Aimless Renegade
Favorite Solid Hat Felt: Die
Favorite Striped Hat Felt: Cans
03/14/13 01:08PM
Favorite Beta Kid: I'll complete the quartet and say Rose, who's been my favorite kid pretty much since the beginning of the story. John and Jade have got nothing on her, and I go through up and down phases re: Dave but he still can't broach her heights. The dame is a treasure.

Favorite Male Troll: Karkat! Forget the fact that he's my patron troll, he's undergone hands-down the best, most organic character development in the whole story.

Favorite Female Troll: I debated between Aradia and Kanaya for a while before summoning enough bleak self-awareness to realize I was actually trying to pick "Hottest Female Troll in Fanart". I dunno, man, I think Vriska is better-written than either of them but she's just not my favorite. I'll give it to Kanaya on the strength of her early conversations with Rose.

Favorite Alpha Kid: Roxy completely blew the other three out of the water in early Act 6, and even as they've scrabbled to keep up she's still held strong as the best of the four.

Favorite Cherub: Seems like an awfully scant pool of choices, but I'll say Caliborn. He's a jackass but I would much, much, much rather read a conversation featuring him than Calliope. The pornography sequence with Dirk was one of the comic's crowning moments of sustained hilarity.

Favorite Beforan: At first I thought, "Well, Meenah," and then I wanted to think about it a little, and now I'm back to Meenah. I like the Beforans, gimmicky personalities and all, but it just doesn't happen that any of those gimmicks beckons to me. So let's stick with Meenah, one of the best, most rounded personalities Hussie's wheeled out in a while. (I should be partial to Damara because I suggested her name but nah, she ain't got a patch on Aradia.)

Favorite Guardian: Doc Scratch. HAHA TOTALLY COUNTS; TECHNICALITY. Seriously, although I have mixed feelings about his narration sequence, his conversations with Rose were superb. Aranea and Calliope ought to learn from Doc how to deliver megainfodumps in a manner that's fluid and very entertaining.

Favorite MC Member: Look, it's just Droog, okay? No fancy reasons here. Pretty self-evident.

Favorite Exile: The Renegade is MAH BOI. Honestly though there's a chance I would have picked the Vagabond if he hadn't spent all of Act 6 so far as a gag background character occasionally mentioned by kids/trolls as a super cool dude for laffs. A character like him wasn't meant to function at the outside of a big ensemble -- he needs POV status, badly.

Favorite Felt: God bless Matchsticks. What a trooper.

Favorite Sprite: ARQUIUSPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE! You should really add this to the list.

Favorite Other: Fedorafreak. I'm serious, that's not just a joke response. His scene was a beautiful grace note, a gesture of fulfillment to those of us who'd followed the comic for a while and had hyped him up as the unsung hero on a different stage. I'm not sure it would mean quite as much to someone who was reading the comic fresh now, but it's hard to express how happy that update made me.
03/14/13 01:54PM
Favourite Beta Kid - that one with shades. You know, the cool one.
Favourite Male Troll - Gamzee because hOnK.
Favourite Female Troll - Terezi because that's the way to serve justice.
Favourite Alpha Kid - don't really know. Can't make choice between Dirk and Roxy.
Favourite Cherub - Calliope.
Favourite Beforan - Aranea. Even after all that things which others find questionable.
Favourite Guardian - Mom.
Favourite MC Member - Diamond Droog.
Favourite Exile - Mayor.
Favourite Felt - Sn0wman.
03/15/13 05:34AM
I guess this is a good place to group that stuff?

Favourite Beta Kid: Dave
Favourite Male Troll: Tavros
Favourite Female Troll: Aradia
Favourite Alpha Kid: Roxy
Favourite Cherub: Calliope
Favourite Beforan: Mituna
Favourite Guardian: Bro
Favourite MC Member: Clubs Deuce
Favourite Exile: Serenity?
Favourite Felt: Sn0wman
Favourite Other: Imps
03/15/13 06:14AM
Wow I can't choose, I love them all..Except Clover......yeah
03/15/13 08:36PM
Favourite Beta Kid: Used to be Rose, but the more development Jade has gotten, the more I've adored her. So I'mma say Jade.
The Beta girls really are awesome.

Favourite Male Troll: Used to be Gamzee because of how much of a goofball he was, but then he went all serious and I don't know what to think about him now. So this one goes to Karkat. Because Karkat.

Favourite Female Troll: Nepeta Leijon. Anyone who didn't see this coming doesn't know me.

Favourite Alpha Kid: Roxy. She is just so fun to read. Such a great character.

Favourite Cherub: ...mmeh. It's not that I dislike the cherubs, it's that, unless they're incredibly awesome (eg Azula) I tend to dislike villains because they're, well, villains. Villains are kind of douches. So this one goes to Calliope by virtue of the fact that Caliborn is a bad guy. Which isn't quite fair. So meh.

Favourite Beforan: A hard one. I want to say Meulin, but I'd have to admit that that would be solely because she's Leo. If it was Ancestors, I wouldn't hesitate to say the Disciple (closely followed by the Sufferer) but as a Beforan she's done rather little to interest me. And I like the other Beforans quite a bit, too. So... yeah. None.

Favourite Guardian: GCat. Yes, I know that's a cop-out. I'm bad at favorites, ok?

Favourite MC Member: To be honest, I like the Midnight Crew as a whole. To take them apart and examine them on their own would make them less interesting to me. So in the spirit of focusing on the stuff we like most here, I'm going to have to answer the Midnight Crew.

Favourite Exile: Been a while since these guys were around. Hmm. WV, I think.

Favourite Felt: The Felt.

Favourite 'Other': Pickle Inspector.
03/15/13 09:06PM
I remember this!

Favourite Beta Kid: Dave
Favourite Male Troll: Karkat
Favourite Female Troll: Vriska
Favourite Alpha Kid: Roxy
Favourite Cherub: Caliborn
Favourite Beforan: Meenah
Favourite Guardian: Dad
Favourite MC Member: Droog
Favourite Exile: WV
Favourite Felt: Does Doc Scratch count?
(optionally) Favourite 'Other': Ace Dick
03/16/13 02:07PM
Ahhh... now that I finally got my work done, I can actually answer this (~ w ~)

Favourite Beta Kid: Rose Lalonde!
Favourite Male Troll: Karkat Vantas, no question. :)
Favourite Female Troll: Aradia Megido
Favourite Alpha Kid: Roxy Lalonde, easy.
Favourite Cherub: No vote. I'm still not feeling one way or the other just yet.
Favourite Beforan: Aranea Serket, 8itches. ::::p
Favourite Guardian: Dad
Favourite MC Member: It's a toss-up between DD and SS, but I have to give a nod to Spades Slick, because he gets shit done. Even if that usually ends up badly for everyone, himself included.
Favourite Exile: Wayward Vagabond, the poor dear. :(
Favourite Felt: Stitch "You know C4 is naturally inert and gunfire won't set it off, right?"
(optionally) Favourite 'Other': Echidna
03/19/13 02:52AM
Favourite Beta Kid: Rose
Favourite Male Troll: Karkat
Favourite Female Troll: Terezi or Kanaya
Favourite Alpha Kid: Roxy
Favourite Cherub: Prone to change, but Caliborn for now because his journey through the game has been spectacular to watch.
Favourite Beforan: Aranea
Favourite Guardian: Mom
Favourite MC Member: Droog
Favourite Exile: AR. WK might've had a shot if we'd gotten to see more of him.
Favourite Felt: Clover or Snowman
Favourite 'Other': the Handmaid or the Condesce

I could probably narrow down Felt and Other if I really thought about it, but I'll never be able to pick between Terezi and Kanaya. You can't make me.

Edit: Okay I thought about it. Clover and the Condesce. If we knew more about Damara pre-breakdown, that might sway my choice.

Edit 2: Decided on cherub and exile on my way home.
03/19/13 04:47AM
Beta: John, though I prefer to rp and cosplay as Dave. It used to be Rose before the meteor trip and drinking made her humor and personality have less of the bite and pretension that I enjoyed (rather than liked).

Male Troll: Karkat. There's a reason why he's the deuteragonist, and it isn't just his sincere woobiedom.

Female Troll: Kanaya, though the recent updates might mean promising developments for my former favorite, Terezi.

Alpha: Roxy (I see that there's very little debate on this matter so far.)

Cherub: Caliborn, because of how hilariously, unexpectedly pathetic his personality as a villain is.

Beforan: Meenah (though Kankri's my favorite among the "gimmick dancestors" for the satirical nature of his character)

Guardian: Dad

MC: Used to be Droog because of his badassery, and Alpha!DD just makes his character look better and better, but Clubs Deuce is just too adorable in all of his iterations (plus he has the 2nd-highest cross-universe bodycount of the whole Crew next to Bec Noir).

Exile: The Mayor's friendship is indeed a universal constant. WV.

Felt: Doc Scratch.

Other: Erisolsprite

Ancestor: The Condesce is just too fabulous and awesome a villain to not have a category where she can reasonably compete.
03/19/13 12:46PM
NothingSpecial said:
Favourite Male Troll - Gamzee because hOnK.
I'm taking it back right now.
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