03/14/13 04:38AM
Shipping Walls and Ship Discussion
Yes, here is a place to talk about shipping and your otps and brotps.

This is a place where shipping walls can be posted if you so desire. This is the shipping thread.

shipping can get a bit heated, so just remember not to be a jerk
03/14/13 05:08AM
Hey books, what about your ships? :B

As for me, I can't ever decide what my OTP is. Right now it seems to be Rose/Vriska.

My brOTP is Karkat/Kanaya. In all honesty, I prefer that over most of Kanaya's other ships (except for Jade/Kanaya, which is a perfect ship IMO).

...As for ships I don't like, if that's okay to say, they are Gamrezi, Gamkat, Erisol (good grief) and Rosemary. Opinions.
03/14/13 05:44AM
Honestly, there are few ships I don't like. I am very a amiable person when it comes to shipping.

Top pairs are johnkat, dirkuu, daverezi and neprezi, but here are some lists.

Top M/F Ships: Daverezi, Jadetav, Jadekat, Team Charge (red and pale), Meowrails (pale), Dersecest, Karkan (pale), Gamrezi (black), Arasol, Radrom, Meenah/Karkat, Dirk/Jane, Prospitcest, Karkat/Terezi, EriRose (pale, black and red), Jake/Roxy, Johnvris, Dirk/Roxy (pale), Eridan/Roxy, Spades Slick/Snowman, Dad/Mom

Top M/M Ships: Johnkat, Dirkuu (red and black), PBJ, Dave/Tavros, Erikar (red and pale), Erisol, Davejohn, Dirk/Equius, Gamkar (pale, sometimes red), Dirk/Jake, Tavkat, Equius/Karkat, Dad/Bro, Bro/Grandpa, Davekat, Rufioh/Horuss

Top F/F Ships: Nepeta/Terezi, Calliope/Roxy (red and pale), Rose/Kanaya, Rose/Vriska, Jade/Nepeta, Jane/Roxy, Terezi/Kanaya, Jane/Calliope, Aranea/Meenah (red and pale), Aradia/Vriska (black), Jade/Rose, Jade/Kanaya, Vriska/Feferi

Felt OTP: Itchy/Doze

I'd kind of prefer if people didn't because I know some people are really bad about doing this in a polite way?
03/14/13 02:05PM
Well, Dave/Terezi is so my OTP (and now it really really hurts) that I sometimes really just can't like nice picture beacuse of Karkat's and Terezi's intimacy.

But Karkat/Dave is funny.

Then... God, I love shipping everyone with everyone (with everyone) in all the quadrants, all of them.
But just for the list of the frequently remembering:

Black Queen <3< Jack Noir
Karkat c3< Jade c3< Karkat
Dolorosa <> Sufferer
Dirk <3> Roxy
03/14/13 04:12PM
I actually have never really hated a ship tbh, dislike..sure, but never outright despising one.

OTPs: Jade<3Dave, John<3Rose, Rose<3Kanaya, Karkat<3Terezi

mutual ships(or casual ones I'm not as passionate about, but still ship): Gam<3Tav(pre-killing spree), kat<3nep, Eri<>Kar, Karkat<>meenah, Karkat<>Kanaya Dirk/Jake, Jake/Roxy, Jane/Dirk, Jane/Roxy, Ara<3Sol, fef/sol, Aradia<3or<3<Equius, Dave<>terezi, Dave<>Karkat

not interested/don't ship: Eri<3sol, john<3dave, john<3Karkat, Dave<3Karkat, Gamzee<3<Terezi, Jade/Karkat, Cronus<3Latula

Any I didn't put I either forgot, or am just really indifferent to
03/14/13 04:43PM
I like pbj because I'm a big dumb baby who can't let go.

Everything else is cool too.
03/17/13 03:52AM
man what happened to when people were so eager to show off their ships they made little charts and uploaded them

you can link to little charts here too, that's fine
03/17/13 07:38AM
I fucking ship Jadekat so much

I kinda like other ships too but mainly i really like jadekat A LOT

Other than that, there's just a couple ships i used to ship but really don't anymore. I shipped Johnvris back in Act 5, but at this point I really don't think they suit each other anymore what with the character development. I also used to be into Cotton Candy, but the interest on my end just kinda fizzled out, probably because it became pretty obvious that it was never ever actually going to happen. I mean, I don't think shipping non-canon is bad, and I have some non-canon ships (I mean, like Jadekat is ever gonna go anywhere), but after seeing more of their dynamic it was just kinda like "Eh, they're better as friends anyway."

as for troll romance stuff i'm not hugely into it, EXCEPT for Karkat<>Kanaya which I LOVE.
03/17/13 09:13AM
Shipping is dumb.

OTPS: DaveJade, Karezi (less so since the last update where Karkat has kind of been fed up with Terezi's shit) MeenahAraena, Tavris (thanks to SpaceStepMom), JohnRose, DirkEq (5ever)

Other Good Shit: Alpha Kid OT4, JohnRoxy, JakeJane, JohnVris, RoseKan, FefEri, VrisKan, Whatever RoxyNepeta is

BroTP: DaveKat, JohnDave
03/17/13 04:29PM
03/19/13 02:10PM
Something like this.

Should have used low quality in swf but when realised it was too late.

Where can I find more ministrife-like sprites?
03/19/13 04:48PM
Ah I'll make a wall in a bit. Walls are fun.
03/20/13 04:17AM
The mini-strife-like sprites can be found at ! Feastings did make them after all.

I might make a wall too. Nice way to keep track of all of my ships.
03/20/13 06:30AM
The only ship I ship is KatNep and that's all I need.
03/20/13 06:42AM
honeycomet said:
The mini-strife-like sprites can be found at ! Feastings did make them after all.
Still neither Midnight Crew memebers nor sn0wman.

Updated Version.

With stats!
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