03/14/13 04:59PM
Are there any tags you blacklist for personal reasons?
By "personal reasons" I mean something you blacklist not for work-related concerns, aversion to blood/gore, headache prevention ("epilepsy_warning"), etc, but just because some perfectly innocuous tag rubs you the wrong way and you don't like seeing it.

I have exactly one: "dragonstuck". I guess I'm just that dude who thinks dragons kinda blow, and I really really have no interest in seeing Homestuck characters portrayed such (dracomorphized?). That's an inexplicably major turn-off for me.

Any comparable blacklisting experiences out there, or am I just sitting here being super racist against dragons by myself?
03/14/13 05:32PM
I only do so when there are large dumps of ships I'm not too fond of. It's usually temporary, though there are a few I keep blacklisted.
03/14/13 05:34PM
Like................... which?

That's what I'm curious about.
03/14/13 05:37PM
The only tag I blacklist is "pawfeet" because they just kinda creep me out. I dunno what it is exactly that gets me on edge about them (especially considering my usual body of work), but there's something about the quarter-bestializing of characters that I just can't sit through.
03/14/13 06:07PM
Oh, its usually when there are Communism dumps, because I personally find it an annoying ship. That and when there's excessive JohnDave posted.
03/15/13 12:46AM
The tags I've have blacklisted are Fandomstuck(which is very unrelatable to me), stridercest, and age_discrepancy(I'm not a fan of any pairings that involve an adult receprocating any crushes from a minor, especially if they are related).

As for dumps or small uploads of ships or other things I usually don't like, I just mostly ignore them. Though once in a blue moon, there might be an image I do like enough to add to my favorites, despite the content I usually disapprove of which is why I have so few blacklist tags.
03/15/13 01:49AM
I don't blacklist anything.
03/15/13 02:46AM
Communism and Spiders. God bless the person who came up with the tag for spiders, because spiders scare the crap outta me.
03/15/13 02:47AM
I've blacklisted one pairing for a short amount of time due to being actually emotionally distressed for personal and rather serious reasons, far beyond just not shipping things and then I got over it and moved on as canon shifted.
03/15/13 05:24AM

I honestly couldn't stand those character shots where they ALL HAD NOSEBLEEDS.
But then recently I noticed it covering up wounded characters and non-nosebleed-centric pics so I took it off. (in hopes that the one artist that did all those original nosebleed shots doesn't do anymore or something...)
03/15/13 09:04PM
I don't blacklist anything because I am an Übermensch.
03/16/13 12:33AM
I find the whole idea very silly. Prove me wrong.
03/16/13 12:52AM
You're missing out on a great au. How sad.
03/16/13 01:52AM
Rohandrius said:
I find the whole idea very silly. Prove me wrong.

Dave as a corgi
03/16/13 01:55AM
Ohhhhhhhh he's got you there son.
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