03/20/13 09:21PM
Sourcing suggestions
All right guys as of my writing this we're down to a clean 4000 source_needed images. We are also, however, up to 2187 sourcing_attempted images. Which means, if my trigonometry is correct, that over half of images which still lack sources have already undergone at least one attempt.

Eventually the day will come when we're going to want to go back through sourcing_attempted and take another swing at them. My only resource is a pass through GIS, since TinEye has never been very good to me. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any other good reverse image search engines?
03/20/13 09:31PM
Unfortunately as far as I know, GIS is the best we've got available right now. On every post regarding how easy it is to source things "just run it through Image Search" pops up in almost all of them.

It's definitely not perfect though. Through sheer luck I've found thing gis didn't catch while looking for other things or just stumbling across them.

One thing I do think could be beneficial is just a combing through the forum art threads in particular as a lot of unsourced things seem to come from there. It would be quite time consuming but I do think some previously uncaught things could be nailed down that way. (also there's a lot of unposted things of quality anyways!)

Also important to remember that some things just probably aren't going to ever have sources unfortunately. 0 is of course the goal but something like this

which is essentially just a scribble on someones facebook is going to be near impossible to pin down as are lots of things like meme image manipulations or some older reaction gifs that have been spread around so much.

As far as actual image source engines go, I'll look into it though I do thing GIS is the best currently out there.

Also the source_needed tag isn't complete either... there are a lot of untagged empty source fields still to get to. U_U

But thanks for all the hard work man. The sources are undoubtedly the biggest blight on this board.
03/20/13 09:36PM
Ours the task eternal.

No worries, though. It's been a lot of fun. And will continue to be. Except as regards those fucking image manips and reaction gifs gahdam gahdam.
03/20/13 10:21PM
Yes it's always a great feeling of personal triumph to get something sourced and credited (particularly Kanaya's but that's another story).

Also just throwing it out to the universe that uploading (particularly older stuff) is also a pretty decent way to source things if they happen to already be up here but sourceless. I've done that quite a few times (just sourced a Kanaya by doing it~)
03/20/13 10:31PM
Ohhhhhhhhhh clever!
03/20/13 11:08PM
I know that this isn't particularly what the topic is about, but one suggestion I do have is to try to source tumblr posts over, say, deviantart or image shack. I thought about it for a while "why would that be preferable," but with the way artists can often use different names, for the sake of uniformity it would be better to try to reduce the number of artists to just use their one on tumblr.

Honestly how you guys can remember all of them to correct it astonishes me.
03/20/13 11:13PM
I definitely always use tumblr usernames over DA when making new user tags because yeah it's the source that is most frequently utilized.

Though some are so large and established at this point that switching them over probably wouldn't be all that helpful. As for actual sources idk, say what you will about DA but it's so much easier to actually search for particular things...

but if a Tumblr link is right there in the description there's certainly no harm in clicking it and sourcing there.
03/20/13 11:21PM
Right! c:
04/15/13 01:32AM
source_needed: 3388
sourcing_attempted: 3388
source_needed -sourcing_attempted: 0

As I was attending to the last images in the lot, this music came up in my library. I was FEELING IT.

Not that this is the end (there's still actual_source_needed and I bet some more can be done with inexact_source), but still. Kind of a milestone, I think.

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