03/21/13 10:10AM
So I know that most of us are not artists here; rather scavengers and collectors of fine art. But surely with all we've seen, we get a good sense for what is NOT out there and what we are left wanting for might inspire an artist looking for something new to contribute.

In short, if it doesn't exist then maybe we can try to make it so by asking for it here.

I'll start: We have an image of Karkat doing John's victory dance here
but that's with a background pudding, we don't have Karkat just by himself. Or John for that matter.
03/22/13 12:54AM
How about a good 100kth picture?
03/22/13 08:19AM
Mr_Ruse said:
How about a good 100kth picture?

At least the pic marking the 100k is pretty good (thanks Pie), but an actual screenshot of the counter? That'd be cool...

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