04/05/13 03:44AM
Other places you can be found.
idk if anyone else wants to share or if you are perfectly fine with this being your only interaction with me, but I figured a place to link your tumblrs and other places where you hang out to each other might not be a totally awful idea for those who want to.

Personally I can be found at the following places


My MAL account where I do my anime.


LastFM for music


Steam for video games I don't have the time to play anymore

Feel free to hit me up on any of those or not that's cool too.

You can also post whatever here if you want.
04/05/13 06:50AM
This is a useful thread, I approve 110%.

I just have a tumblr - if you need to quickly contact me or anything like that dropping me an ask or submit is the best way.


Also, I have an art tag (found in the sidebar under the navigation box, otherwise it is #honeyart), so if I ever upload any Homestuck stuff you can post it I guess. But I only draw HS stuff like once in a blue moon nowadays, whoops.
04/05/13 07:08AM
The best place to contact me would be my tumblr at http://fathoms--and--gallows.tumblr.com/.

And if for some reason you can't get me there, I'm LonelyCoast on Steam.
04/05/13 07:20AM
I'm also just a tumblr person, over at
http://element-jester.tumblr.com/ . I also have a Steam account, but I can barely manage the thing so tumblr is the best way to contact me.

I also have an artist tag, #ejart, but it's mostly stuff I've done for TickTockStuck and my ongoing fetish monster project.
04/05/13 07:49PM
Okay, I'll bite. My tumlbr URL is http://musicrezimayhem.tumblr.com/ but It's mostly just reblogs, occasionally of music mashups I find interesting.
04/06/13 02:35AM
i recently nuked my Tumblr for personal (read: incredibly paranoid, literally think people are out to kill me) reasons

but i have twitter: http://twitter.com/MashiAnkrekku/
you guys like twitter, right?

instant grahams: http://instagram.com/mashiankrekku

mashiankrekku on steam also

sorry i'm a dumb furry
04/12/13 07:29AM
Maybe I'm missing the point of this thread... But my phone does need more bookmarks. What other sites do you frequent aside from mspa and here?
04/12/13 09:00AM
Well for me, there's MSPA, Gunnerkrigg Court (a very fascinating jigsaw-puzzle webcomic, about some school-girls in a not-so-ordinary school setting), Awkward Zombie (a weekly comic about the author's hilarious shenanigans, usually involving a video game of some sort), the booru, TVTropes and Tumblr.
04/14/13 05:37AM
Just TVTropes and here. Same handle.
07/08/13 12:13AM
Might as well post where I can be found since I forgot to before.

MAL account: http://myanimelist.net/profile/fable
Last FM account: http://www.last.fm/user/bluefloss
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/9615817-nobooks
Jinni: http://www.jinni.com/user/bluefloss/public (barely go here though)

my tumblr is too boring to post
09/02/13 10:24PM
Why the hell not?

DA: http://fangspecial.deviantart.com/

It's not like it's regular updated or anything. But nonetheless.
10/15/13 10:30PM
If you're playing Pokemon X or Y then let's be friends! I just got Y.

12/31/13 10:29PM
I too just got Pokemon Y(Anyone here have Pokemon X?) along with some other games like Shin MegaTen IV and M&L: Dream Team. If you want to add me to you 3DS friend list, my FC is:


EDIT: Wait, do I need to know the name/SN of the person also in addition to their FC to register them?
01/01/14 03:32PM
No, I think the system just asks you to put in a placeholder name until both parties have registered each other.

Is your handle "Silktail"? If so, we're set. Any particular Pokemon you're angling to raise? I've got access to nearly all of the non-legendaries.
01/01/14 05:00PM
Yeah, I'm "Silktail" and I just noticed that you accepted my registry.

Right now, I'm just going through the game, mainly focusing on catching any new and interesting mons I encounter and sticking to mainly Gen VI mons until post-game.
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