04/25/13 07:09AM
I'm a little iffy on post #108752. Opinions?
04/25/13 08:23AM
The only thing that weird me out on that image are the elongated proportions. Other wise, all I'm seeing is Barbie-doll nudity which is no worse than this post #91320 where people seemed fine of. Nor is there anything sexual going on between the characters.
04/25/13 08:46AM
I agree. Plus, post #108752, they seem more like skin-tight bodysuits than anything else
04/25/13 08:49PM
The proportions seem a bit sexualized, is what bugs me. Still, if people think it should stay.
04/25/13 08:52PM
It is definitely drawn rather sexy. Large breasts, curvy hips being jutted out.

But Iunno shrugs. It's not really explicit it's just quite... questionable.

I rarely ever really want art taken down myself, I go with the flow that others create pretty much.

04/26/13 03:23AM
You don't see nipples or vag though, that's generally the common line between what is and isn't appropriate. I don't see what the problem is with the proportions, sure they're not that realistic but neither is a lot of art- it's a stylistic choice.
04/26/13 07:11AM
^ I could explain my problem with the proportions, but that would read like I was pursuing an argument that I never intend to have, because what I really was posting to say was: eh, most people seem to think it should stay, so stay it shall.
05/14/13 07:54PM
What I really want to know is does every picture of people in underwear / swimsuits need to be tagged questionable?

Cause it seems a fair chunk of our questionable tag is just people in underwear / swimsuits not even doing anything particularly suggestive.
05/15/13 06:18AM
Well, isn't questionable stuff supposed to be everything that isn't entirely safe? I mean, I wouldn't want to be seen by an authority figure at work or school looking at people clad only in underwear regardless of how innocent the intent was.
05/15/13 06:33AM
Questionable rating is supposed to be exactly what Snuffle said up here, according to the booru, so yeah Pie those things must be tagged questionable.
05/15/13 06:35AM
Man I wouldn't show my parents just about anything on this board so I can't say I fully agree with that definition but eh whatever keeps your jimmies unrustled. If a really benign questionable tag is what the masses want, that's fine.
05/15/13 08:24AM
Unless the swimsuits are scantily clad such as post #103641 or post #104762 then they shouldn't be tagged as questionable and I'm seeing several images that should be rated safe than questionable.

Underwear is a more trickier subject since as many societies approach undergarments differently than swimsuits even though a simple bra and panties can easily look like a bikini. It mostly has to do with context and what certain articles of clothing are associated with. With swimsuits, sure they can be sexy, but their main purpose is bathing in bodies of water, whereas underwear is for covering private parts or other associated bedroom activities. In other words, when people see a swimsuit, they immediately think of water-related fun, while with undergarments it is usually sexual-related whether it's about covering genitals or a prelude to naughty bedroom times.

Does that make sense?
05/15/13 06:00PM
Yeah the "every bikini is questionable" thing is a lot harder for me to concede then the underwear issue (nevermind the fact that people loaf around in their underwear frequently, but yeah I can concede that point a lot easier)

Also apparently guys in contact with other guys when they lack shirts is also questionable?

post #102690 got marked questionable despite me desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with it. You see shoulder and that's about it. Any inference about the state of pants vs underwear out of frame is up to the individual but I see nothing about the picture itself save for the lack of shirts which hold no meaning to males.

(Also this is now a thread about hammering out the questionable tag in case it wasn't clear)
05/16/13 12:08AM
Pie said:
...the lack of shirts which hold no meaning to males.

Whoawhoawhoawhoa, that, like most blanket statements, is in a different zip code from universally true.

Pie said:(Also this is now a thread about hammering out the questionable tag in case it wasn't clear)

*shrug* Whatever it's useful for, so long as we aren't holding twelve different conversations at once, which we aren't.
11/24/13 10:06PM
I am currently trying to clean out an artist whose work includes NSFW images (which I know not to post here), but there are a number of pics that fall into questionable territory. I know not to post anything with graphic nudity, but what about something like two shirtless male characters kissing close together where nudity is implied but the picture cuts off at the waist?

I do want to post all of the acceptable images by this artist, but I don't want to get myself banned by accidentally posting inappropriate borderline content. What should I do?
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