05/20/13 04:44AM
ACEN 2013
So i was at acen on friday and damn, there were A LOT of homestuck cosplayers.
05/20/13 05:59AM
I always wondered why are there cosplays for Western franchises in a convention celebrating Japanese pop culture? And I'm not singling out Homestuck, but I've seen MLP, Adventure Time, western-originated video games, etc at these specific conventions.
05/20/13 08:58PM
I think nerds of all sorts like to feel a sense of community and cons are expensive. Most people probably can't afford a con for video games or MLP that's half way across the country but can manage to get to get to ACEN for example and want to have fun and experience that community. Also I'd be willing to bet a fair amount of those people have crossover interests that do include the actual con fare.

That's how I always saw it anyways. If yeah cons for every niche part of nerd fandom were nearby everyone ever, there'd be less of a legitimate reasoning behind it I suppose. You could look at it as "crashing" (which a lot of people do) or you could look at it as the broad spectrum of fandom in general, both geographical and medium. I tend to do the latter but I suppose it's up to the individual how they want to see things.
05/21/13 12:36AM
In the US, there are plenty of general geek cons that the Homestuck fandom will feel right at home as seen in the list: with DragonCon and any of the ComicCon being the big ones.

It seems that even though many Homestuck fans overlap with anime, they seem to be met with disdain by some non-Homestuck, anime fan con-goes. Even more so than with any other previously popular Japanese franchise like Naruto of Hetalia, because it's a popular American-originated comic. I'm not sure if they are met with that much bile in a general sci-fi/fantasy convention than ones that are about anime and Japanese video games.
05/21/13 03:47AM
I'm aware of the bile they get, I'm also aware of the number of cons in the country, I'm just saying it might not be possible for some people to get to them or maybe they just aren't aware of them.

I guess I'm just a lot more kumbyah love your nerd brother than most.

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