07/30/13 11:05PM
August Update Thread (close enough)
Y'all never made a July.

Tsk tsk.

Anyways, troll boobs. Carry on.
07/31/13 01:04AM
Haha oh gosh you're right, over half the June thread was posts from July.
07/31/13 02:40AM
I noticed that somewhere around the 16th, but at that point we were so close to the end of the month that I figured it didn't really matter anyway.
07/31/13 12:03PM
Curses, I was so close to establishing a precedent of a single massive update thread. My evil plans have been FOILED!!!
07/31/13 01:21PM
Snuffleheim said:
Curses, I was so close to establishing a precedent of a single massive update thread. My evil plans have been FOILED!!!

You are a renegade, Private Snuffleheim. A loose canon! The system cannot be overthrown!

(Really though, July is the superior month of the year by far. Why'd you guys have to do it dirty like that?)
07/31/13 09:41PM
^This isn't the last you've heard from me! I'LL BE BACK!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA—*smokebomb**hack**cough*
08/01/13 01:41AM
Bets on whether or not this Dirk/Dave convo will be conveniently obscured?

I do think it's interesting the way the stardust in the cartridge thing actually affects the things going on in-universe rather than just our view of it, though.
08/01/13 03:20AM
I adore Arquiusprite more and more with every page.

However, I'm not really looking forward to Dirk saving the day once again after the other alpha kids fuck around ineffectually for three hours.
08/01/13 04:16AM
If the current discussion wasn't amazing yet, I can only imagine the convos to have come from the Stridersprite "re"union… And hope that the topic will not be completely glossed over on-screen.

Tactics-wise, I'm expecting Dave and Rose to get up to something at least before the current timer runs out?

Also we haven't seen Jake at all this act yet, who knows if he's going to be of some importance… (Possibly something regardless toolish though like being coaxed by Caliborn to put a wrench in HIC's meddling. Dude still isn't the sharpest rock in the ballpit.)
08/01/13 05:15AM
I really wonder if Jake is going to be our way of seeing a fully realized Page... that would be nice.

08/02/13 10:06AM
And Dave seems to give up on his powers.
08/02/13 11:55AM
Oh man, these new features are so cool.
08/02/13 03:01PM
Jade has terrible posture.
08/02/13 07:33PM
Not update, but I have nowhere else to put this:

08/03/13 12:31AM
If you look from a distance, those reflections look like something else.

They look like Dave's eyes. Closed. Crying.

Because of what happened to his friend, the girl he loved and everyone.
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