12/04/13 08:11AM
Gigapause 3: Season of the Namco (December)
It just hit that we've been using the November thread for three days now.

Also, as a brief warning to XY players: Operation Zubat Storm is going on today, so I'd be wary about going on the Wonder Trade today. You'll more than likely be met with a very large swarm of Zubat.

In lighter news, you can also participate in the Christmas festivities on the Wonder Trade by catching yourself some Delibird or other cool Pokemon, giving them some good/rare items, and sending them out for all the brand-new players that'll be coming in on the 25th.
12/04/13 11:37AM
In other pop culture news, Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker died in a blazing car accident. Strider levels of irony there...
12/04/13 01:20PM
Oh, fuck, thanks for reminding me, I was going to WT a box of Pokerus Adamant Dratini with Dragon Rush this morning. NOPE
12/04/13 04:48PM
oh my god you guys im still playing white 2 here (insert post #1122 here) and I don't even have a 3DS
12/04/13 05:54PM
I'm still playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Rangers. Get on my level Loppy.
12/05/13 06:21PM
Well, I'm currently playing through Blue Rescue rn too, does that count? :p
12/06/13 02:20PM
I suppose that's good enough for me. You get a free pass.
So did anyone else make out like a bandit in that Steam August sale? I know that I regret many if not all of my purchases that somehow still failed to amount to 20$.
12/06/13 04:47PM
im legitimately raging over the fact that I forgot about steam's killer sales. oh well, my computer is trash, anyway.
12/07/13 01:47AM
I have really nothing to add due to the fact that I don't have any of the new Pokemon games. Though currently I'm addicted to Puzzles and Dragons and playing Glory of Heracles for the DS.

In other news, I'm sad that one of my favorite podcast has had the plug pulled out of them. Spill.com was pretty decent.
12/09/13 04:04PM
ugh, as for me, most of the games I want to play I don't even own so LE SIGH its just pokemon for me.

oh man, I sympathize. I used to listen to podcasts all the time and I'd be always bummed out when they quit.
12/09/13 07:50PM
Well it wasn't that they voluntarily quit it was just they were let go by their main company.
12/10/13 01:55AM
Guys, have you seen the Beta Kids figurines from What Pumpkin? They just released pictures of them and they are so cute.
12/10/13 03:51AM
Pics or you speak only contemptible lies.
12/10/13 04:31AM
Its the most recent post here: http://whatpumpkin.tumblr.com/
12/10/13 05:19AM
Oh, okay, I went straight to the main WP site and there wasn't anything there yet.


Dave Sprite?

Wow, this game is going to be fun for people who think Coolkids is a good ship, I guess. Gonna hang onto my dollars, personally. Man.
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