02/14/14 02:04AM
So here's the deal friends.
I'm pretty much over HS fandom as of late, you may have noticed as much. As of such I'm appointing Chocoboo as an old trusted member to become the new Admin and to distribute power as they see fit.

Also to the current uploaders I would sincerely like to urge you to now ask permission before uploading anyones artwork on to this board. I'll be the first one to admit in my zeal for fanart not doing this was a major failing on my part that upset a lot of people and I apologize profusely. As hypocritical as it sounds coming from me, I ask you to do this for the image of the board and also in the name of common decency and respect for the artists. Again, my apologies to anyone reading this I may have upset.

I hope you all are well and good luck. Sorry my passion for HS fizzled out so completely.
02/14/14 08:38AM
Eh, it happens. Glad you decided to tie up loose ends there. We'll be glad to have you back if/when your interest resurfaces.
02/14/14 05:11PM
Stop by every once in a while! We'll still be here.

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