02/24/14 10:35AM
can I replace my artist tags
all of my MSPA art is currently posted under the tag MEP, which is an internet nickname I used to go by (a shortening of an old username i no longer use). you can still find everything by doing a search for "chazzerpan", since it's all sourced (thanks guys!!), but I'd like to untag everything with mep and tag it with chazzerpan instead, for the sake of clarity. Is this possible? is there an easier way to do it than going through all 400 something posts and editing them one by one?
thx much for your help & for curating this lovely collection
02/26/14 08:50AM
That sounds perfectly fine I personally don't know how to make the process faster, but someone else might. Always loved your art btw.
03/02/14 11:18AM
The problem is that chazzerpan is aliased to mep, so even if all the "mep"s are changed to "chazzerpan"s, searching for chazzerpan will only return things tagged "mep". And last I heard, there's no way to un-alias something on this board.

What would happen if we aliased mep back to chazzerpan

Would that just break them both
03/02/14 09:26PM
well, we could always just go in and do it manually :B
03/08/14 11:21PM
ok I'll do it whenever i have time. if someone else wants to go in and do it for me i can compensate you with art or something. thx
03/17/14 03:49AM
Ok, but… *gestures to my previous post*

Like, try searching for any of the pictures that are tagged with chazzerpan now. None of them show up.
06/01/14 03:30PM
oh I misunderstood your post somehow, and also I forgot all about this thread
what happens if you try to do that thing? i think you should try it
06/02/14 09:23AM
What, the mutual-aliasing thing I was wondering about? Or did you mean something else?
07/16/14 02:17AM
Okay. So, I'm a dummy. I tried to replace the Mep tag with Chazzerpan due to the request. Unfortunately, I haven't read ploe's and company's problem with the alias, which led to hundreds of Chaz's images unabled to be viewed. So I spent hours retagging their images as both mep(so you can actually view them) and chazzerpan(artist's request). Also, I do recall that Otakuman tagged Chaz's images this way Unforturnately, I wan't able to relocate the missing 15 images that are just labeled as chazzerpan, also amazingly, I can't remove an alias set-up even though I am assigned as an admins--which is just strange in itself.

If you want to upload any of Chazzerpan's artwork on the board please add both mep and chazzerpan. Also, if you encounter any image that is just labelled as chazzerpan, please add mep
07/17/14 03:12PM
'Kay I think I got all the missing images. I used that trick of putting a * somewhere in the middle of an aliased tag to search for it (e.g. mindfa*ng returns results for mindfa[anything goes here]ng and not marquise_spinneret_mindfang) (kudos to whoever discovered that!)

The tag counts for mep and chazzerpan still aren't equal though, because there's a deleted picture tagged mep which is being counted. (search for "mep -chazzerp*n" to see what I mean)
07/18/14 08:04AM
Thank you so much ploe for that.

Again, I'm quite befuddled that even I can't delete already established aliases on this board. Maybe this version of Gelbooru doesn't have that?

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