04/05/14 12:01PM
Is broken source used for forever broken sources (like deleted tumblr/da) or for broken links to still (probably) existing source?
04/05/14 03:20PM
The way Pie and I would do that when we were source fishing a year or so ago was that "broken_source" indicates a Tumblr/DA/etc. that has been completely voiped off the face of the earth, whereas "deleted_source" indicates a Tumblr/DA/etc. that still exists, but that particular entry seems to have been specifically singled out and deleted by the owner. Does that answer your question?
04/05/14 04:53PM
Yes, it does. And if source is not a proper link that I should put "sourcing_attempted", right?
04/05/14 05:41PM
"sourcing_attempted" means you went to Google Image Search or some similar site, tried a reverse search using that image, and got nothin'. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "not a proper link".
04/05/14 07:04PM
Nevermind, I've just found that the source in question is broken.

But what I meant was misspelled or just plain wrong (to other post, for instance) link.
04/06/14 04:40PM
Oh, yeah, um, well we should just fix those, I guess? Doesn't require a tag, we just fix them. And if the real source remains elusive, I guess the honest thing to do would be to delete the faulty source and re-add "source_needed" + "sourcing_attempted".

Or maybe use "actual_source_needed", which is one I never got into using personally, but it's there.
04/07/14 10:12AM
Yes, we really need to fix them but I'm not really very well at tumblr surfing so sometimes I just want to mark them in such a way that someone else would see tha source is not really good.

IIRC, I fixed it once or twice. Or tried to fix. Or something. But sometimes it's too frustrating - and more so when tumblr's theme doesn't show tags.
02/07/15 01:47AM
be aware of iron_maiden it's a rapist joke
02/07/15 02:58AM
ratakantuuk said:
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