Pool: Character Spotlight: Neophyte Redglare

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Criteria: 10+ votes and Redglare-centric. Solo images are the most obvious candidates, but minor satellite characters like pets, consorts, and lusii are welcome. Guardians, sprites, etc. are questionable, probably better avoided. Other kids/trolls besides Redglare are definitely better avoided
ancestors dragonhead_cane flash_asset neophyte_redglare solo source_needed sourcing_attempted viivus rating:Safe score:12 user:sync ancestors dragonhead_cane flash_asset neophyte_redglare solo transparent viivus rating:Safe score:12 user:sync ancestors dragonhead_cane grand_highblood melia neophyte_redglare noose the_disciple the_dolorosa the_psiioniic the_sufferer rating:Safe score:12 user:Pie ancestors neophyte_redglare noose request solo toastyhat zodiac_symbol rating:Safe score:13 user:Chocoboo ancestors blood epic neophyte_redglare noose skepticarcher solo rating:Safe score:23 user:sync ancestors dancestors diabetes dragonhead_cane grubs latula_pyrope neophyte_redglare pyropes q-dormir terezi_pyrope rating:Safe score:20 user:Pie ancestors deleted_source dragonhead_cane lusus neophyte_redglare pyralspite yt rating:Safe score:11 user:Pie ancestors animated chiarobee dragonhead_cane neophyte_redglare pixel solo talksprite transparent rating:Safe score:11 user:ElementJester ancestors animated chiarobee neophyte_redglare noose pixel solo talksprite transparent rating:Safe score:16 user:Duck ancestors animated chiarobee neophyte_redglare pixel solo talksprite the_summoner transparent rating:Safe score:12 user:ElementJester abby ancestors dragonhead_cane epic neophyte_redglare solo weapon zodiac_symbol rating:Safe score:12 user:Pie ancestors epic image_manipulation neophyte_redglare ocean pyralspite solo twinneedle rating:Safe score:17 user:sync alternate_hair ancestors back_angle dragonhead_cane language:chinese neophyte_redglare no_glasses nyeh solo rating:Safe score:15 user:sync ancestors dragonhead_cane hanna-cepeda lusus neophyte_redglare noose pyralspite rating:Safe score:12 user:Chocoboo ancestors lusus neophyte_redglare pyralspite skepticarcher rating:Safe score:17 user:sync ancestors dragonhead_cane kitkaloid neophyte_redglare noose solo rating:Safe score:14 user:Pie ancestors broken_source neophyte_redglare no_glasses solo xannaye rating:Safe score:11 user:sync ancestors cover_art dragonhead_cane myotishi neophyte_redglare noose solo rating:Safe score:12 user:sync ancestors camaryllis dragonhead_cane neophyte_redglare solo rating:Safe score:12 user:sync ancestors dragonhead_cane neophyte_redglare solo xamag rating:Safe score:11 user:sync ancestors debonairbear dragonhead_cane marquise_spinneret_mindfang neophyte_redglare rating:Safe score:11 user:sync ancestors neophyte_redglare solo wwhitewwand rating:Safe score:10 user:Nyre ancestors neophyte_redglare solo th04 rating:Safe score:10 user:Sparks ancestors dragonhead_cane neophyte_redglare noose paisa solo rating:Safe score:12 user:sync