Pool: Fantroll Spotlight

Fantroll pictures that have 9+ votes. Kickstarter trolls and Hiveswap trolls ARE allowed. I suppose other fancharacters can go here too, but no crossover characters.
animated fantroll hat rumminov solo suit rating:Safe score:11 user:Pie fantroll saki-hikage shipping rating:Safe score:12 user:Beelzebibble back_angle darkhakao fantroll solo rating:Safe score:12 user:Beelzebibble darkhakao fantroll rating:Safe score:11 user:Beelzebibble comic derse fankid keeperofdaydream rating:Safe score:11 user:Nyre arthcor fantroll faygo skulls rating:Safe score:14 user:Nyre chemicalxfag fantroll gore monochrome solo rating:Safe score:10 user:Pie fancestor fantroll yoshiie rating:Safe score:10 user:Beelzebibble fantroll rumminov solo rating:Safe score:11 user:LonelyCoast artificial_limb au ballcap crossdressing fanoffspring fantroll gamma_trolls pixel rlyrlybigman the_finger rating:Safe score:18 user:Pie fantroll kamekocafe kickstarter_fantrolls mierfa_durgas nektan_whelan nunchucks rating:Safe score:23 user:Nyre fantroll solo windykins rating:Safe score:13 user:nobooks animated fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls mierfa_durgas nektan_whelan nunchucks palerom ray shipping so_cash rating:Safe score:14 user:Nyre deleted_source fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls mierfa_durgas nektan_whelan word_balloon zamii070 rating:Safe score:15 user:Pie crossover fantroll koala_tea my_immortal rainbow_drinker solo sprite_mode rating:Safe score:27 user:ElementJester comic fantroll language:japanese mihirahira translated rating:Safe score:10 user:SirenDucks comic fantroll karkinophile kickstarter_fantrolls mierfa_durgas nektan_whelan sadstuck rating:Safe score:13 user:Jogn_Ehbert fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls mierfa_durgas nekozneko nektan_whelan nunchucks transparent rating:Safe score:19 user:Jogn_Ehbert ! comic computer fandom fantroll heart jigokuhana the_truth rating:Safe score:18 user:Nyre broken_source dename fantroll solo rating:Safe score:17 user:Pie fanlusus fantroll lusus solo star-bbee rating:Safe score:11 user:Lettucefood comic diamond fantroll food heart mihirahira spade word_balloon rating:Safe score:14 user:Lettucefood dename fantroll flowers grubs kneeling rating:Safe score:14 user:Lettucefood ! binoculars blackoutballad dammek hiveswap homestuck_adventure_game jude_harley word_balloon rating:Safe score:14 user:muteTyphoon fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls looceyloo mierfa_durgas nunchucks solo rating:Safe score:11 user:ElementJester 8-xenon-8 fake_horns hiveswap joey_claire xefros_tritoh rating:Safe score:12 user:LonelyCoast fake_horns high_angle hiveswap holding_hands indigonite joey_claire xefros_tritoh rating:Safe score:14 user:LonelyCoast andrew_hussie arm_around_shoulder cakeparadox fantroll headshot kickstarter_fantrolls mierfa_durgas nektan_whelan rating:Safe score:39 user:Chocoboo fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls machinemegido mierfa_durgas solo rating:Safe score:15 user:ElementJester fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls looceyloo mierfa_durgas nunchucks solo rating:Safe score:16 user:ElementJester fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls limited_palette mierfa_durgas nektan_whelan no_hat request sangcoon rating:Safe score:14 user:ElementJester clouds fantroll mcdonalds p33p solo rating:Safe score:10 user:Pie fancestor fantroll image_manipulation sprite_mode tacomah the_übertroll rating:Safe score:14 user:ElementJester beverage blackrom dename fantroll shipping sitting rating:Safe score:11 user:Pie fantroll kickstarter_fantrolls mierfa_durgas nunchucks solo tamarussia rating:Safe score:10 user:Jogn_Ehbert artificial_limb fantroll manlysporkle solo the_übertroll rating:Safe score:11 user:Pie fankid godtier non_canon_design rage_aspect solo swoobats sylph rating:Safe score:9 user:Beelzebibble fancarapace hat highlight_color riftist solo rating:Safe score:10 user:Beelzebibble dename fancestor fantroll rating:Safe score:11 user:Lettucefood