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3_doors_down 8_ball ageswap alternians aradia_megido aradiabot arm_around_shoulder art_dump artificial_limb back_to_back beta_kids black_squiddle_dress blind_sollux blood blush breath_aspect chainsaw communism crying dave_strider dead death_cab_for_cutie deuce_clubs diamond dream_ghost dress_of_eclectica equius_zahhak eridan_ampora fairy_dress feferi_peixes food four_aces_suited fraymotif gamzee_makara gash_sash godtier heart heir honk hug jade_harley john_egbert kanaya_maryam karkat_vantas ketchup_and_mustard kneeling leona_lewis leonard_cohen light_aspect lyricstuck meowrails nepeta_leijon no_glasses no_hat palerom psidon's_entente psionics redrom rent rose_lalonde shipping sickle sitting sketch sober_gamzee sollux_captor spacetime spidermoth squiddlejacket t.a.t.u. tavros_nitram temposhark terezi_pyrope text the_offspring the_smashing_pumpkins thief thorns_of_oglogoth timetables trees underwater velvet_squiddleknit vriska_serket wings_only word_balloon zodiac_symbol

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