08/01/14 11:35PM
Gigapause XI: Just Another Rung on the Echeladder (August)
New month, new thread, etc, etc.
Glad to see PXS had itself a Rose week. I wonder if character spotlight weeks might be a regular thing in the future. I hope Aradia gets one soon, I feel like she hasn't had a lot of airtime thus far.
08/03/14 10:37PM
She hasn't appeared on PXS at all, and neither has Jake for that matter.

Though I would rather have a full week of a Midnight Crew centered comic above all else especially if it's written by Hussie, Cereno, or even Morrison at this moment to be honest.
08/04/14 05:08AM
But WV and the rest of the Exiles are fine too. I missed AR.
08/04/14 03:15PM
Yay AR!!!!!
08/05/14 03:02PM
A category iv kaiju has breached Can Town.
08/13/14 02:22PM
Sorry I haven't been that active lately, I've been nursing a broken collar bone since August 1st Haven't been able to contribute because so.
08/15/14 07:52AM
Oh Terezi. I always knew your penchant for licking things inappropriately would one day pay off in the form of this sight gag. Thank you.
08/17/14 05:32AM
Oh I should have mentioned that the artist known as pukind on this booru is responsible for the art in this latest PXS.
08/17/14 07:53AM

...can't wait for the flood of CAL-based Five Nights at Freddy's art.
08/17/14 01:48PM
I think it would be great if someone did a mod of the game so that either you play as Dave and have to keep an eye on Bro's puppets, or you play as Dirk and have to keep an eye on the Tricksters. Can't decide which would be scarier. In the hypothetical Tricksters mod, as they get closer, you start to hear that Trickster jingle and it gets progressively louder.
08/28/14 07:57AM
So we now have a canon rule 63 Rose...

Well, sort of. Also, I require plenty of Dwarf Dave fanart.
08/31/14 04:02AM
A lot of people on Tumblr sure hate how that latest PXS comic ended, I tell you what.
08/31/14 02:30PM
Well to be fair, it was a really weak ending.

This was the kind of comic that had a beautiful set-up and really could've gone somewhere, but it needed some real LENGTH to get to that point. As is, it just kinda puts some sudden brakes on because "welp I can't think of anything else we can do in a week".
09/01/14 08:12AM
Yeah, I agree. At least it could have gone SOMEWHERE.

Also, Casey just talked. Holy shit.

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