11/01/14 03:26PM
November 2014 Update Thread
New month, new thread! We can expect an update today as well as tomorrow and the next and so on, just like it used to be. So rev up those notifiers!
11/02/14 05:40AM
And it looks like we're set for a should-be MWF schedule on the next big story section until February. Glad to have a new comic fill up my Monday slot, it's been feeling really empty after Paranatural moved to Tuesdays.

And unrelated, but I'm going to miss having titles on the main threads. It feels so ... lonely without them around.
11/02/14 09:24AM
So, it seems like the stage that's appeared in Calliope's void where she and Jade is a construction of Caliborn. It's almost like bait and that...he is already here.
11/03/14 10:45AM
Someone really fucked up Yaldabaoth... but was it because of the stuff that happened in the animation or did Dirk go to town on him?
11/03/14 05:23PM
^ I hope it's not that last one. I am more than sick of things being set up as the most unusually this-doesn't-normally-happen dangerous thing ever only to be casually and easily defeated by something that was part of the equation all along.

Them transitions tho. Friggen gorgeous.
11/03/14 07:11PM
You mean that statue of Yaldabaoth, right? We've seen Yaldabaoth before, that ain't him. On that note, we've also seen (and been similarly hoodwinked by) that Yaldabaoth statue before.
11/04/14 06:28AM Paradox Space! Intermission fans rejoice! I know I certainly am!
11/04/14 08:35AM
It's another one written by Hussie, too.
11/04/14 01:47PM
Oh yes Crowbar yess
11/05/14 03:01PM
Oh baww Dirk bawwwwwww

At least we can look forward to a reunion of John + Lalondes.
11/05/14 11:35PM
^ One of whom is dead or dying...
11/06/14 10:54AM
I like this new Paradox Space. Crowbar's a professional and he acts like it.

But I'm wondering, if Rose died and comes back, will she be cured of her alcoholism?
11/06/14 04:41PM
I don't think alcoholism is really a thing you can just snap out of, unfortunately.
11/07/14 07:57AM
Not that it matters now though.
11/07/14 08:29AM
That's a mighty fine statue of Nix right there.
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