11/18/14 05:25PM
Alias Revisions
Currently, the tag "dd" is kept as an alias for "Diamonds Droog". I feel this should be a standard ambiguous character tag, as "hb" and "wv" are. However, I don't know how to change this, aside from the check-mark boxes next to the alias that IK don't actually know what does either. Help?
11/20/14 10:35PM
As far as I know we can't change aliases, and that's why the option to make them has been removed.
11/21/14 06:00AM
Oh, okay. Thank you. Do those check boxes actually serve a purpose though?
01/04/15 08:19PM
My guess is that they could be altered but only through the admin back-end. One would have to go into the list file they are stored in and edit the lines such that the calling function still parses it correctly.

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