07/03/15 04:25AM
July 2015 Update Thread: (Vriska) Did Nothing Wrong Edition
Thanks, Obama.

And Bilious help this something-years-dead 13yo ghost, she does not need ANY of that.
07/04/15 11:57AM
16 YEAR OLDS on the other hand... need a pie to the face. Which Nannasprite dutifully obliges.
07/05/15 02:47AM
So it looks like we all backed King's Quest on Kickstarter.

07/06/15 02:53AM
The post has been deleted, but here's a snapshot of it: http://archive.is/JR0PN
07/06/15 04:13AM
I had my suspicions, but I thank people for divulging the truth. Kind of want to spread the word a little better, but it reads like the legal settlement is set down in favor of keeping The Odd Gentlemen from losing too much face in the public eye (hence the post deletion)
EDIT: I wonder if part of that settlement includes WP getting some back end off of King's Quest to make up for the loss.
07/07/15 02:43AM
Cats are EVERYWHERE and it feels GREAT.

And that sound you hear is me tap-dancing all over the corpse of the wretched "Nepeta is dead" joke.
07/07/15 06:58AM
Uh it wasn't a joke Nepeta was actually dead.
07/07/15 09:32PM
Noooooooooo really? And here I thought she was just slightly off-panel for the last couple Acts.

In the event you're serious and don't actually know about that godawful meme, it started way back when Nepeta died a tragic undeserved death via clowning. It was pretty much made in response to an influx of fans theorizing/hoping she might still be alive. The joke (which is literally just shouting "Nepeta is dead" when people talk about her), in short, is "your favorite character is dead and no longer relevant, so there's no need to ever talk about her ever again." It still tends to be brought up any time people bring Nepeta up ever, despite being long, LONG, after the original stimuli had faded into obscurity.

Now that's Nepeta's alive again I can blissfully chop off this hateful thing's head, nail its coffin shut, and burn its whole mausoleum down and never have to hear from it ever again.
07/07/15 11:46PM
^ Hopefully. Old memes die hard.

Also the idea that that post about the KS money might be real just pisses me right the hell off. And the only thing I know about KQ is that it was developed using money I paid to fund a different game is not a good introduction to it.
07/08/15 12:40AM
I had this weird dream last night that Eridan was poised to become relevant again somehow.

Then I woke up, thankfully.
07/09/15 02:45AM
Paging Pie. Come in, Pie. Over!
07/09/15 04:34AM
I'm so happy!

Tavros is finally everything he wanted
And Vriska has been taken a critical hit to the pride
Things are too perfect...
07/09/15 06:27PM
His dance moves must have been fun to animate.
07/09/15 09:29PM
This can't last...
07/12/15 07:05AM
Wow. Last time Vriska had that emote, she had just been clocked in the face.
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