11/08/12 12:07PM
Image request for server errors pages
I'd like to add custom error pages to mspabooru. These pages will contain an error with an image and links. I'm looking for images that fit the errors written below.

3 errors images i'm looking for:
403 - Forbidden
404 - Not found
500 - Internal Server Error

Safebooru's example:
11/08/12 03:27PM
Dunno if we'd need to ask the artist, but I'd really like having one of the dead Jake pics as the 404 error. post #19858 maybe…
11/08/12 06:34PM
Not sure if this works, but we do have post #6155
11/08/12 09:02PM
I think the one posted by Tropylium is fine. Nyre's tho is just an empty page. It needs to sort of....extend the message.

Let's try to get this done by the end of tomorrow so that the error pages can be setup...We have pretty good servers so HOPEFULLY we never have to use those pages...But Just in case. :P

11/14/12 11:29AM
Oh I have an idea. I think it would be a great way to generate interest if we posted this request up on the MSPA forums. Sort of a "We are looking for some artists to make some art for the board" and let them post stuff up.

What does the admin think?
11/14/12 11:52AM
Don't know about him but I personally think it's a good idea.
11/14/12 12:44PM
Go for it
11/14/12 07:46PM
01/09/16 05:23PM
Maybe this one:
With the text: 'forbidden' instead of that rou sign.

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