04/01/19 06:09AM
Problem uploading an image
Excuse me, I'm having some difficulty uploading an image. When I try to upload, it first claims "Some code seems to be injected into the image." and recommends that I resave it as a lossless PNG. The problem is, its already a lossless PNG, there's nothing else I can do with it. Second, I've ran it through virus scanner after virus scanner and there's nothing abnormal about the art.

It then claims that an error had occured and "The image could not be added because it already exists or it is corrupted." The artist I'm uploading, fluffbox or aninnocentdemon, has no art uploaded to this site. Further, this image is completely intact, freshly downloaded from DA; it can't be corrupted.

For proof, here's a link to the work's DA page:

EDIT: Never mind, I figured out a work-around. Its up now.

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