11/12/12 06:08AM
Say Hello!
So this is just a quick post for anybody to come by and introduce themselves. It can be fancy or quick and easy. I just thought that this would be a good start towards developing that whole "community" idea of ours.

Hehehe. :::;)
11/12/12 11:29PM
Ohey, I love threads like this. *grabs bag of cookies and starts arranging them on plates*
11/12/12 11:46PM
Hello and welcome to the MSPABooru! :3

*points to cookies*

We have cookies!
11/13/12 01:40AM
It seems as if the cookies are not enough to lure in people.
Perhaps promises of pudding would be preferable?
11/13/12 04:16AM
Hmm sure, why not?

Hello! I go my Miz, I'm 21 and live in NC. I like Disney movies, drawing, Homestuck, cheese, Slender Man stuff, fanfiction (good and hilariously bad), the color purple, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, chocolate, cats, and thrift stores. I cosplay on occasion, though I'm not very good at it.


*happily takes a cookie*
11/13/12 05:17AM
My name is Pie. I'm a huge jerk and make people mad. I like Homestuck and am slowly ruining everything with my insidious shipping habits. I'm twenty-ish. I'm a Cancer and I definitly identify with Karkat pretty nicely. My favorite color is purple. I enjoy going to conventions and being grumpy. If you don't like Tavros I don't like you.

Video games, anime, manga, comics, and general other nerd shit comprise my others interests.

Neutral pronouns please, Pie's don't have genders you egg.

11/13/12 05:27AM
Pie, you do not seem like a jerk to me. I cannot even reconcile this astonishing new fact.
11/13/12 05:34AM
shocking revelation.
11/13/12 05:56AM
I didn't know so many people here loved purple. PURPAL FTW.

*begins roasting mussels*
11/13/12 06:29AM
Aaalrighty, I'm Nyre, I'm one of the older ones--29--and I'm currently trying to wrap up my last year at college. I want to teach sometime so there's that. I love Homestuck, video games, video game music, and I play MMOs on occasion. I've been known to dreamwidth RP where I play a variety of characters many of them Homestuck-related. I like the color blue, and am most definitely a Rose/John shipper as my OTP (took me a while to become okay with the last intermission).

I'm also a bit known for my knack of being politely opinionated and have been known to get on people's nerves on more than one occasion. :V

/oh hei cookies
11/13/12 06:38AM
I'm honeycomet/Honey. I'm a girl and an Aries and I am pretty much okay with everything (just like Aradia) except I can be a really fussy perfectionist at times. I like silver grey and purple and cookies. God I love cookies. How the hell did you guys find my weakness?
11/13/12 06:48AM
Hey, I'm nobooks. I'm from Canada. I like all types of media, and Homestuck holds a special place in my heart. I'm a Taurus, meaning I get a really great patron troll (the best patron troll). I Internet, read, write, watch films and go to school. These are all things I do. I also ship the underage cast of HS together in various ways because it's a thing I enjoy doing.

Also, over 400 images of communism and 1200 images of Karkat coming from the sync were uploaded by me.

Edited to include bragging.

11/13/12 06:50AM
Oh! If we're doing zodiacs too. I'm a cusper -- August 23, between Leo and Virgo.

I am totally okay with this.
11/13/12 08:17AM
Black and green are my favorite colors, though they all have their applications in regards to pleasing me.

I'm a Pisces, and I'm really pleased with both patron trolls. Hussie really didn't have to "throw me a bone," but I'm certainly not complaining.

My main hobbies are music, especially metal (favorite albums are Cryptopsy - None So Vile, Swans - Public Castration is a Good Idea, Demilich - Nespithe, and Paradise Lost - Gothic), movies (favorite films are Carpenter's The Thing, Cronenberg's The Fly, Lumet's 12 Angry Men, Bronson, Sonatine, and Lo), and having a somewhat mentally crippling case of Mysophobia (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fREu-HCIEEg).

MadameMiz said:

How do you feel about Casu Marzu? I hope to try some before I die.

Elyzabeth said:
Pie, you do not seem like a jerk to me. I cannot even reconcile this astonishing new fact.

Yeah, I'm calling horseshit on this too.

11/13/12 09:03AM
Timeghoul said:

MadameMiz said:

How do you feel about Casu Marzu? I hope to try some before I die.

Dear Christ, no. I like my cheese larvae free, thank you. e.e But uh, good luck with that.

And on the subject of zodiacs, I'm a scorpio and I'm perfectly okay with that. :::;D
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