11/11/23 04:25AM
Least favorite character?
Homestuck has a ridiculous amount of characters, from clones to ghosts to ancestors. My question, who’s your least favorite? The lowest on my rankings would probably be Tavros, (I dunno, I feel like he isn’t characterized very well) but other than that, I’m not sure. I’ve also never been the biggest fan of Sollux. If anyone’s still on this website, hi lol :3
11/14/23 10:05PM
Maybe Horuss? He's handled so incredibly poorly, and isn't even funny during it. I'm sure there are *worse* characters, but most of the other characters who are bad have some sort of relevance to the story that makes them redeemable.
11/18/23 04:10AM
Feferi cause she was pretty lame. I know a lot of people like her cause of her personality but compared to others, she is way at the bottom. She could've been something if she wasn't cut so short when Eridan needed his big character development.

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