04/02/14 05:37PM
Pulled the "clock" tag out of the workshop.

04/08/14 12:21PM
High five Beelz.

Also, question. We have a "gamma_kids" tag for the theoretical offspring of grimdorks/spacetime... Is there a tag of the alpha equivalent? (shotgun/portalship)?

EDIT: Wow, I'm dumb. I suppose "Englonde" qualifies for this.
04/08/14 03:32PM
There's "fanoffspring" too if you like that one.
04/08/14 10:15PM
Gamma_kids specifically applies to Ellinor's fanoffspring what-if shindig.
04/25/14 03:38PM
Based on discussion from post #136848 between L33o, NothingSpecial, and yours, does anyone object to a "dead" tag? It seems like a useful thing to flag as a potential trigger.
04/25/14 09:51PM
Would we have to add "dead" to the vast majority of "impalement" and "decapitated" images?
04/25/14 10:02PM
That'd seem to be the right idea. I see it as more of a supertag for all pictures depicting dead bodies, not just a catchall alternative for when tags like those two don't apply. This could be debated though.

Another question that comes to mind is, would we particularly care about tagging the deaths of nameless randos e.g. underlings as in post #120924, or would this really just be for established characters? I could go either way here.
04/25/14 11:30PM
I suppose we should use it as it used in comic, with proper characters - because, you know, that's what MSPA reader likely to associate with the line that includes only one word "dead".
04/28/14 04:38PM
I agree. I'm gonna try implementing "dead" and let's keep discussing in this thread when ambiguous cases show up.
04/28/14 07:35PM
Ambiguous like post #127781?
04/28/14 07:47PM
Doesn't seem like there's any case for "dead" there, they're obviously alive even if it's an image manip from a couple of dead poses.

I'm more concerned by ambiguities like stylized depictions of Dirk standing around with his head cut off, as in post #123010. Technically that should take "dead", but it just doesn't quite seem to jibe with the tag.
05/18/14 08:56AM
Anyone don't mind if I change chicksoupforthesol/cashtier's artist tag into their more universal moniker, zhen?
06/30/14 03:24PM
dynastystuck, feudal_japan
A great many of the dynastystuck-tagged images that are also tagged as "feudal_japan".

Now, the reason it's called "dynastystuck" is likely because it's named after Dynasty Warriors, a video game adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the Four Great Novels of Chinese literature.

Although the tag is more about Chinese-styled fashions than a Three Kingdoms AU, it's still the wrong nation.

So I'm going to remove the "feudal_japan" tag out of those images. Because it's wrong.
07/02/14 11:50AM
Do we have a Dungeons and Dragons tag? I've been looking for it, and I seem to remember I saw art for that, but I cannot find it.
07/02/14 04:41PM
Where'd that term come from for tagging Quarters's gun as that? I've only seen it used around here.
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