11/12/12 01:16PM
Timeghoul said:
Yeah, which is why I created the mother_3 tag. If you want to add the mother tag to everything, then go ahead, I don't care.

Are we further breaking down the video game tags into entries now? Does this mean we have to breakdown the Pokemon cross-over tag into 'Pokemon red/blue', 'pokemon gold/silver', and so on for example? I think it would be better to have the tags be series-based instead of entry-based for more consistency sake.
11/12/12 01:25PM
No, I agree, I just didn't want to cause confusion by getting rid of the Earthbound tag, but there probably won't be any. If it's not done yet when I get back to this board tomorrow, I'll fix the entries.

11/12/12 11:31PM
I'd go for using "Mother" as the overall series tag then maybe additionally using "EarthBound" for crossovers with the first two games (NES EB0/SNES)?

Since Mother 3 was never localized officially, I don't think it counts as an EarthBound game, but it is still a Mother game.
11/13/12 08:21AM
I've changed siblings:caliborncalliope to siblings:uu, if that's alright.
11/13/12 08:30AM
^ Why.

uu is short hand for Calliope and there is no way in the system to make it even Uu.

Also what was wrong with the tag the way it was in the exact same format as the other two?
11/13/12 08:36AM
Sound plan Mashi, it is done. Hopefully the tagging for them is now to everyone's liking.
11/13/12 10:03AM
I think it gets the idea across fine. I changed it because I find it annoying to read the other way.

I did consider making a caliborncalliope->uu alias for the purposes of tag consistency.

At the very least, if we do use siblings:caliborncalliope as the main tag, then siblings:uu would make a good alias.
11/13/12 05:57PM
Because you find it annoying to read is not a good reason to change a tag.

I'm fine with the alias idea but please change it back.
11/13/12 07:34PM
Okay, may as well discuss the bec_noir issue. I know tried a blanket SS tag to fit with the rest of the carapaces, but it's a touch counter-intuitive, which is probably why hardly anybody used it. We just need to settle on a single system first, and then worry about applying it. My proposal:

* Purge the "SS" tag, and use "jack_noir" as a blanket tag instead, as it's intuitive to all instances.
* "sovereign_slayer" (referring to B1 Jack's 3x prototyped form) will stay, but still requires the blanket tag.
* "bec_noir" (which is a fanon name) will stay, but still requires the blanket tag.
* "spades_slick" also stays, obviously, and I'm okay with just blanket-tagging them too.

Does anyone want to chime in on this?
11/13/12 11:47PM
@Pie Done.

@vanymStorm I'd use "jackspers_noirlecrow" for the 3x prototype. And something for default Jack - maybe "archagent"? Wait, I guess you could just subtract tags to get that.
11/13/12 11:58PM
Alias accepted, thank you Ploe.
11/14/12 01:20AM
We've been needing a blanket Jack Noir tag for a very long time. I think it should apply to all instances of him, just like the other carapaces.

I like Ploe's Archagent idea instead of subtracting tags, because you will miss out on some fanart doing that. And it's cumbersome.

edit: gomen ploe

your names are very similar orz
11/14/12 03:36AM
"Pie's Archagent idea"


Anyway, good point, and that reminds me: we don't have any tags for default/starter clothing. I think the human characters, at least, could use them. Heck, even just a "starter clothes" blanket tag would be good.

If it becomes necessary, the trolls could have their own blanket tag, like "zodiac shirt".

Also, Dave's red-sleeved shirt and Jade's Skaianet shirt both need tags. I think they're the last non-starters without them.
11/14/12 05:37AM
Regarding siblings:caliborncalliope or whatever the fuck.

Why isn't it "cherubs" or "cherubim" like it was on the old/new booru?
11/14/12 05:39AM
Because they are siblings and it makes no sense for them to not have a sibling tag. A cherubim tag could be a thing that could be applied to all pictures of them including shipping and any of LE but that'd be something someone would have to be willing to help tackle.

Also yeah Ducks I have no idea what idea you are talking about. You seem to have misplaced some credit there.
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