12/22/12 08:15AM
...I can't even imagine how Deuce sat on that hat.
12/22/12 08:42AM
Pie said:

HIC's killed a few more people than Gamzee has.

They did both play their parts in the death of a universe. And HIC has had more time to ferment than sober Gamzee has, I'm fairly certain if Gamzee was given such a long rule, he'd do the same.

And Gamzee at least had a history of emotional attachment with the fandom beyond a couple lines of sassy dialogue and a glittery scrapbook.

Yeah, but the emotional attachment stems from a drug induced illusion that unfortunately might as well be a completely different character.

I find them similar in that they have both done horrible things in the past and were both used by English, and are both seeking revenge (it's not quite as clear for Gamzee if he's still working for or against English, but I'm fairly certain of the latter) because of the fact, rather than out of remorse for their past atrocities, as neither has expressed any that I know of. Yeah, Gamzee has feelings for Karkat and Tavros, but HIC had feelings for the Helmsman and possibly Sassacre, Jack has feelings for PM, and Caliborn has feelings for Dirk; like romantiCaveman said, HS villains are more than just generic badguys for the most part.
12/22/12 08:50AM
I wouldn't quite compare Gamzee's Karkat feels to HIC's Psiioniic feels either

but yeah I agree with you for the most part. Homestuck villains are definitely complex.

I'm guilty of still hoping some of the old Gamzee is in there, but I am guilty of a lot of HS pipedreams.
12/22/12 08:56AM
Yeah, me too.
12/22/12 11:18PM
I don't care about anything in homestuck right now. For last 12 hours I'm thinking of HOW THE FUCK DEUCE SAT ON THIS HAT.
12/22/12 11:50PM
Elfaleon said:
So... Bull Penis Umbrella fanart is go now? That'll be an interesting tag to have floating around no doubt.

I ship Bull Penis Umbrella/Bronzed Vacuumbrella.
12/22/12 11:59PM
bull penis umbrella.

that is all
12/23/12 12:34AM
Are we gonna get Roxybreak just like we did with Jackbreak?

Because I really hope we do.
12/23/12 03:59AM
12/23/12 04:19AM
That's not how the rings work, Roxy.
12/23/12 04:32AM

It was already quite clearly established that regular rings don't confer prototyping effects onto human wearers, just carapaces. To turn around and say "oh, but it's cool for humans to use void rings, that totally works" strikes me as a bit of an ass pull.

I didn't like this development (also because DD deserves to keep the ring dammit) but hopefully we'll get to see Dirk's sprite soon.
12/23/12 04:42AM
I'm pretty sure the ring isn't actually doing anything, it's just allowing Roxy to tap into her already-latent Rogue of Void powers. Like how most cool alchemizations act as a crutch to a player, allowing them to tap into their inherent abilities until they go godtier, at which point the tools aren't as necessary.
12/23/12 04:43AM
I wonder if Dirk is busy, or

12/23/12 05:06AM
Hey, I can see that little Dirk pixel on the edge of the building. What's he about to do?
12/23/12 05:10AM
^Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that. Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first since nobody else mentioned it.

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