12/27/12 10:29AM
Have fun mimicking that typing quirk btw.

I mean the opening part.
12/27/12 10:41AM
STRONG swearing breaks our alphabet.
12/27/12 02:32PM
Mr_Ruse said:
Have fun mimicking that typing quirk btw.

I mean the opening part.

I foresee this:

} -->

becoming the shorthand.
12/27/12 03:48PM
Beelzebibble said:
I foresee this:

} -->

becoming the shorthand.

Or this: B -->

Really there's a lot of ways you can go.

Anyways, I'm not sure what I was expecting with Arquiusprite, but I loved those pesterlogs. I guess Hal's childlike obscenity-laden glee at being alive combined with Equius's stuck-up obscenity-free meathead routine makes for a potentially volatile combination.
12/27/12 04:17PM
BackgroundGuy said:
Tropylium said:
BackgroundGuy said:
Also, there are now two Void players in the session.

Sprites don't really count as players… Davesprite has no time powers AFAICR, and Jadesprite's "space" ones seemed to be mostly inheritance from Bec.

They count as players for the purpose of God tier revival, don't they? And given Quest Crypts, that just might be enough.

Well they can count as dreamselves at least. Which means at least Sollux might be able to be revived if they can find a Doom crypt anywhere (also conveniently Doom's the last godtier that doesn't seem it would otherwise be an option by this point).

BackgroundGuy said:
(I am imagining Fefetasprite sandwiched between the Slabs of Life and Heart. It is hilarious, and I am a terrible person.)

…why do we not have a "Fanart that doesn't exist, but should" topic yet? :D

Mr_Ruse said:
Have fun mimicking that typing quirk btw.

I mean the opening part.

❯ --> Peasants

(ok not *quite* there)
12/29/12 03:30AM
Poor Roxy.

Also I told you to go with the Geromy tat to begin with Jake, god.
12/29/12 03:34AM
God damnit, listen to Roxy >:C
12/29/12 03:37AM
Just like to point out before people jump on his dick again NO ONE is listening to Roxy, not just Jake. That is all.
12/29/12 03:42AM
I know, I just want to slap all three of them. Roxy's taking charge and no one is listening, and that makes me sad.
12/29/12 03:45AM
and Roxy continues to be the best alpha kid while everyone else is busy being chumps.

(nah they're alright)
12/29/12 04:01AM
Well in fairness they all seem to be dealing with serious issues of their own. That doesn't mean they should ignore Roxy of course, but I guess it's better than them just derping around?

Or maybe it's worse, I don't know.

tldr listen to Roxy people, she's trying so hard.
12/29/12 04:09AM

And in other news, all the Roxy feels. :<
12/29/12 06:01AM
Oh Jake, you're are just so adorably, utterly, clueless. Watching you is like watching a cat pawing at a goldfish bowl, thinking that it's somehow going work this time, that it's going to eventually reach through the glass to get the fish. It's trying so hard, trying to be competent and helpful but it's just--


--not happening, and it doesn't even realize what it's doing wrong.
12/29/12 06:41AM
And this, Jake, is why you should have no less than 12 computers on your person at all times.
12/29/12 01:44PM
It's never been clear where to put the border with that yeah. Particularly with meme-ish pics with caption text…
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