02/22/15 08:47PM
Rohandrius said:
But I think the main grid does still need to be as big as it is because the alpha/beta kids and trolls both have a LOT of cross-pairing.

Oh sure, I just meant that second page's ships. The first page is fine as is.

On an awkwardly transitioned side note:
John/Damara: Weeaboo
Rose/Porrim: Primrose
Rose/Aranea: Tl;Dr
Jade/Kankri: Trigger Discipline
Jane/Porrim: Maryam Jane
Tavros/Rufioh: Bullfight
Tavros/Aranea: Wheel Talk
Sollux/Mituna: Honey Mustard
Karkat/Meulin: Meowkat
Karkat/Porrim: Kar Rims
Karkat/Latula: Redrad
Karkat/Cronus: Smoked Crab
Nepeta/Kankri: Tiger Trigger
Nepeta/Meulin: Olive Tea
Terezi/Kankri: Politically Correct
Terezi/Latula: Smell-O-Vision
Terezi/Aranea: Happy Tree Trolls
Equius/Damara: Dosanko
Equius/Horuss: Horseplay
Gamzee/Kurloz: Clowning Around
Eridan/Kankri: Trigger Warning
Eridan/Porrim: Sturgeon Virgin
Eridan/Cronus: Ampcest
Feferi/Damara: Tako Sushi
Feferi/Horuss: Aqua Fortis
Feferi/Cronus: Fish Grease
03/11/15 03:25AM
HB Ships
Diamonds Droog/Hearts Boxcars: Mine Cart
Clubs Deuce/Hearts Boxcars: Club Car
Spades Slick/Hearts Boxcars: Happy Dagger
Peregrine Mendicant/Hearts Boxcars: Love Letter
05/07/15 05:01AM

That right there is a better name for Dave/Roxy than "parent_trap".
05/08/15 10:10AM
Beelzebibble said:

That right there is a better name for Dave/Roxy than "parent_trap".

Signed. "Oedipus Tex" is amazing. XD
01/21/16 10:00PM
Dancestor Ships
Well, there's finally a tag for each intra-dancestor ship:

Damara/Mituna: Dammit
Damara/Kankri: Dirty Talk
Damara/Meulin: Tokyo Meumeu
Damara/Latula: Dirty Minds
Damara/Horuss: Desu Neigh
Damara/Kurloz: Mime Time
Damara/Cronus: Imported Smokes
Damara/Meenah: Koi Fish

Rufioh/Mituna: Bumble Breeze
Rufioh/Kankri: Red Wings
Rufioh/Meulin: Cat-tle
Rufioh/Porrim: Earhart
Rufioh/Latula: Rad Bull
Rufioh/Kurloz: PBJ2 Electric Boogaloo
Rufioh/Cronus: Flying Fish
Rufioh/Meenah: Bullsquid

Mituna/Kankri: Kanned Tuna
Mituna/Meulin: Honey Leijon
Mituna/Porrim: Double X
Mituna/Aranea: Crazy Eights
Mituna/Horuss: Sweat Bee
Mituna/Meenah: Tuna Fish

Kankri/Latula: Social Justice
Kankri/Horuss: Flogging A Red Horse
Kankri/Kurloz: Red Threads
Kankri/Meenah: Red Herring

Meulin/Porrim: Felinism
Meulin/Latula: Radical Catical
Meulin/Aranea: Heart Eight
Meulin/Cronus: Alley Cat
Meulin/Meenah: Fish And Ships

Porrim/Horuss: Hot And Steamy
Porrim/Kurloz: Stitch And Sew
Porrim/Cronus: Pornus
Porrim/Meenah: Femtacle

Latula/Aranea: Tarantula
Latula/Horuss: Gnarly Horse
Latula/Kurloz: Smelleton
Latula/Cronus: Radcliffe
Latula/Meenah: Peix No Mind

Aranea/Horuss: Horse And Buggy
Aranea/Kurloz: Silked To The Bone
Aranea/Cronus: Spiderfish

Horuss/Kurloz: Coffin Bone
Horuss/Cronus: Horcrux
Horuss/Meenah: Steamed Punk

Kurloz/Cronus: Fish Bones
Kurloz/Meenah: Goatfish
01/23/16 11:29AM
Wow. How long has it been since I had to seriously update that grid? Thanks Edfan32!
01/25/16 06:20PM
Aradia/Kurloz: Necrophilia
06/26/16 08:58PM
Felt Ships
Doze/Crowbar: Slowbar
Clover/Sawbuck: Good Buddy
Stitch/Snowman: Nine Day Queen
Sawbuck/Snowman: Snowglobe
Matchsticks/Quarters: Quarter Final Match
Snowman/Doc Scratch: Snowball
Snowman/Lord English: Lord Snow

Clover/CD: C4
Fin/DD: Shark Hunting
Die/HB: Always Rolling Boxcars
Stitch/DD: Sew-On Rhinestone
Sawbuck/Kanaya: Buckcurious
Sawbuck/HB: Ways To Sunday
Sawbuck/Serenity: Light-Year
Snowman/Mom: Queen Mum
Snowman/AR: Snow Patrol
Snowman/WQ: Queenship
Snowman/SS: Queen Of Spades
Snowman/HB: Blackheart
Doc Scratch/SS: Excellent Host
Doc Scratch/Handmaid: Maid From Scratch
Lord English/Handmaid: Timely Mistress
08/17/16 02:49PM
Aranea/Roxy (Why isn't there art of it yet?): tipsy_wipsy_spider
10/05/16 10:33AM
aaaaaaaand that (^) was post 413 in this thread. Good stuff.
10/06/16 06:52PM
Can Dave/Damara be ram_disc? I came up with it while walking to the bus, haha
06/18/17 12:58AM
Can Dirk/Kanaya be called Chainsaw_Katana ? I feel like it's way better than the current ship name they have.
10/12/17 07:57PM
So when are we coming up with Hiveswap ship names?
04/30/18 08:29AM
Hey so wasn't sure if anyone was aware but the original ship directory with the links on the first page? They're busted. Photobucket hosting broke all of them.
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