01/07/13 05:22AM
I prefer Crono_Trigger, and the only reason we didn't use it before was because someone decided to tag it as Chrono_Trigger instead, so yeah.
01/07/13 06:43PM
So any issues with renaming the ships spider8reath? I am being silly and will get over what irks me because yeah it is the popular ship name for the ship

(Iunno if I'll spearhead the change though, might leave that to honeycomet)
01/07/13 07:23PM
IIRC, the reason we were anxious to use it back in the day was because the name could also indirectly be confused for Tavros/Vriska, and that Con_Heir was a slightly more apt description considering that it describes both their relationship and their shared interests.
01/07/13 07:48PM
Spacetime can be confused for about eight other ships by that logic. We use it because it's far and away the fandom name for the ship.

I mean I don't really care either way, but it is the fandom name for the ship and this is a board for the fandom. I see the points being made is all I'm saying.
01/07/13 08:44PM
Well, personally, sometimes I prefer clever ship names over popular ones (to use the most topical example, I don't care what hideous portmanteau of "Kankri" and "Cronus" gets used over on Tumblr, "Crono Trigger" is objectively the best name for the ship). (I like how I began that sentence with "personally" and ended it with "objectively".) That being said, I was never a huge fan of "Con Heir" and I wouldn't mind switching it to "Spider8reath". Isn't "Tavriska" pretty much overwhelmingly the Vriska/Tavros ship name, in all circles? So there's not much of a window for confusion, I'd say, right?

P.S. Maybe, though, this is just my aversion to the "heir"-"air" pun on account of way too many official and fan musicians mistakenly thinking it makes a clever basis for a track title.
01/07/13 10:53PM
Yeah Tavriska is pretty much the "go-to" ship name for Tavros/Vriska, especially since Tavrisprite came into the picture. We can keep that ship name.

Also I have to agree on the heir/air pun thing, I'm not too big a fan of it either.
01/07/13 11:16PM
By the way, I found book_club for Rose/Gamzee.
01/07/13 11:29PM
01/08/13 02:18AM
There's sick_firewalls for Sollux/Tavros now too
01/08/13 02:59AM
Went ahead and tagged all 16 wq/wk pics Royal_Flush. >.>
01/08/13 09:58PM
Updated. Linked book_club, magic_dragon, royal_flush and sick_firewalls. Still skipping Kancro because it seems the jury is still out.
01/10/13 05:02AM
Apparently there are two tags for Dave/Terezi, Daverezi and coolkids? What?
01/10/13 05:42AM
Daverezi is going to be changed over to coolkids when nobooks has the time. Portmanteaus are kinda sore thumbs in the midst of all these clever ship names and if I could think of one for Tavris that didn't reference her shitty treatment of him I would change that too.
01/10/13 06:42AM
What about erisol, eriferi, gamrezi, vriskat, and dirkuu?
01/10/13 07:42AM
Gamrezi is blind_rage, erisol is pretty much as canon a name as spacetime (and you don't want to ruin all those aerosol can punstuck pics do you?) I'd love a better name for eriferi and vriskat, and dirkuu is pretty much the same as erisol and spacetime.

It's a nice testament to the fact that it was a ship before Caliborn was Caliborn.

I'll revise my last comment to say there are some portmanteaus that stick and feel right, and there are some that kinda feel like "We got nothing else". Daverezi was one of the latter, something like Erisol is pretty much the former.
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