06/11/13 05:24AM
06/11/13 09:16PM
artist-in-training is done!
06/12/13 04:14AM
strawberrysonatina's done.
06/12/13 04:34AM
You guys are really doing a great job with this little project, getting some really great styles and diversity on the board. For what it's worth (not much), I am really pleased and appreciative of your efforts.

Thank you and keep up the good work.
06/12/13 05:01PM
That's worth something! You're welcome. Boobun's done.

EDIT: So is tannanana.

EDIT: Just finished Christine. Why do we call her Christine instead of the perfectly good Cheesecakehara? Beats me, there were like twenty images already tagged Christine before I started dumping.

EDIT: Quick lil' ol' arsenicmuffin dump.

EDIT: Mega ayu blowout is finished.

EDIT: Tiny astrotwin23 dump.

EDIT: Another mini-dump: kimchikiwi.
06/14/13 05:09AM
asherdashery is done.
06/18/13 04:51AM
leverets is done with the execption of an ask that needs to be stitched by someone who knows how to do it with animation: http://leverets.tumblr.com/post/...e-tt-shall-we-find-out-eb

Also I'm not sure if an image like this would be appropriate to upload since you can somewhat see Kanaya's nipple:

Another thing, this artist had HS ask blogs, but unfortunately she deleted them so I could only save from what I found from her other art blogs.
06/24/13 03:44AM
Alright think I got everything updates.

And yeah the sad thing about ask blogs is that they are awfully ephemeral... not much we can do about it, I'd count it as finished regardless.
06/24/13 10:54PM
Finally finished dumping tacitpact. Only took me, like, a year.

EDIT: Also finished rika-wawa.

EDIT: That's all for nyuro.
06/29/13 04:52AM
figsnstripes is done.

EDIT: mizby is done.
07/02/13 04:36AM
I will be on vacation for a month starting tomorrow so I have a small request to ask of anyone posting in this thread.

If you could mail me your artist dumps along with the date you completed the dump instead of posting them here, that'll probably be easier for me. Thank you!
07/04/13 03:48AM
I'll be mailing to Pie throughout the month but there's no reason we can't post here anyway to keep each other informed. I just finished with pyrotechnicfriction.

EDIT: Also maidofspacey.

EDIT: Also catw1ngs.

EDIT: And a little projecttiger dump.

EDIT: And tarale.

EDIT: Polished off kyrie. Trop had uploaded some of her art a few days ago and I went in to clear out the rest.

EDIT: Very tiny iannar dump.

EDIT: No more gamma.

EDIT: All done with sonschmarn.

EDIT: Dumped roachguts all over the booru. No apologies.

EDIT: Tiny little rocketssurgery dump.
07/16/13 12:04AM
Finished broblerones. yourheadcanon and hazerl are also done.
07/23/13 08:40PM
Alright, went through my mail, I think I got everything and we are back up to date! Look at that list.

I might edit with the format a bit, it's getting a bit unweildly but probably not until some later date.

If I missed one of your dumps let me know, I'll add it in no problem.
07/24/13 09:26PM
Cleared ambrister's art blog (durptheherp).

EDIT: Done with cremena.

EDIT: Finished opossum (opossum-art), aside from the pictures I linked to in post #122592.

EDIT: No more rollingthedices.

EDIT: Just finished a riftist "dump". I only actually uploaded five images, but the other sixteen were squirrelled away here and there on the booru tagged with either "riftryu", "tatianosaurus-rex", or no artist.

EDIT: Done with ka-bent.

EDIT: Finished thayora (previously niionblu).

EDIT: Well-deserved halcyontorpidity dump.

EDIT: All set on mabychan.
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