07/27/13 04:52AM
Hey could someone help me with this one image?

I want to upload this animated image:

to the board to complete the jonesy dump but for some reason it won't let me(something about code injected in the image). Could anyone else do this for me, please?

Anyway, I'm done with jonesy except with that one last troublesome image.

EDIT: Both krokodilov and mapi0808 are done.

EDIT: 2outlet is done.
07/31/13 05:50AM
the-darkbunny is done.

edit: wingpie is done
08/17/13 02:43AM
crandoii is done.
08/17/13 03:43AM
Hey sorry Chocoboo, I don't know what to do about that -- I've gotten that error before, but only ever with JPGs and PNGs, and my cheapo hack solution is to just resave the static image as a GIF, which always fixes the problem. I don't know how you would solve that problem with an image that's already an animated GIF.
08/18/13 04:01AM
Way behind on this, I will catch it up soon promise. Thanks as always.
08/18/13 06:22AM
tengjernes is done.

shrralrid is done.

4ppl3b3rry is done.

hyperactive-kitteh is done.
08/20/13 08:49AM
tartime is done.
08/23/13 08:09PM
List is now caught up, let me know if I missed any artists.
08/26/13 06:52AM
codpiecequeen is done.

citrinne is done.
08/28/13 05:55PM
Done with villainsgoleft.
08/30/13 07:27AM
monosketch is done.
08/30/13 03:45PM
I'll be updating this once a week on Friday's from now on due to school.

Should be good for now, still considering cleaning up the format some, will probably do something once it gets a bit longer.
08/31/13 07:51AM
turtle-demon is done.
09/01/13 03:11PM Freinne and Fleinne the same person?
I think both names should be synonyms, if that's the case.
(sorry if I posted in the wrong thread)
09/01/13 05:59PM
Yes! They are the same artist. "Fleinne" is the artist's tag here.
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