11/06/13 02:18AM
lokh is done...except that I can't upload the full version of Grandpa gif from this link for some reason.

It's giving me errors. Any assistance?
11/13/13 07:43AM
banditry is done.

zoegom(land-of-mint-and-catnip@tumblr) is done.

greliz is done
11/18/13 06:45PM
Finally done with saki-hikage, to use her Deviantart handle (current Tumblr is "spidermom", an obvious no-no).

EDIT 11/20: Quick koolaid-girl dump.
11/20/13 09:10PM
galaxative(falaxy@tumblr) is done.

faze4th is done.

------EDIT 11/21------

rigi(rigisart@tumblr) is done.

saa(saa-pandaleon@tumblr/misakitoeevee@DA(anyone have any problem of me changing the old artist tag "misakitoeevee" to the more universal name they go by, "saa"?)) is done.

----------EDIT 11/23-------------

starry007 is done.

blakkensoul is done.
11/24/13 06:17AM
I think I've finally finished everything by antemrd that's safe to post here.

(Edit: No, wait, I found a few more things. I'll let you know when I'm actually done.)

(On another note, how do I write boldface text here? The html didn't work.)
11/24/13 10:00AM
This is how:

[b*]bolded[*/b] (just remove those * and "bolded" becomes bolded)

Also [i*][*/i] is for italics

[post*]imagepostnumber[*/post] is for post #130889
11/24/13 09:53PM
Thank you, Chocoboo!
11/25/13 08:55PM
canesandsceptres is done.

stripedpants(pastelgreen@DA) is done.
11/25/13 08:59PM
antemrd is done.
11/26/13 08:41PM
Tiny tiny little kawaii-chainsaw dump.
12/23/13 06:39PM
So done with incessantlyphlegmatic. So done.

So looking forward to uploading images of people who aren't Jake, Dirk, John, or Dave.

EDIT: There, a little saiph-achernar dump to get back up to speed.
01/09/14 04:09PM
No more 0-banana-0.

EDIT 1/28: That's a wrap on penstab.

EDIT 2/2: Done with theofficalskrillex (that's not a typo).

EDIT 2/5: Quick pomipuff dump.
01/22/23 09:02AM
sorry to necro but disintegore is done as of 1/21/22
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